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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-01 10:00:00

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I know you've written Kevin Owens has been dealing with a back issue, but I've seen it reported that Jason Jordan actually has that injury.  Which is it?

Owens has been dealing with a nagging back issue.  I am told Jordan's issues are not related to his back, but of a different nature.  I've yet to confirm what the issue is, but it's being considered serious and now that the Raw Tag Team belts are off he and Seth Rollins, Jordan will not be booked to do any physical matches or angles until further notice.

With Jeremy Borash leaving, who is the longest tenured Impact employee left?

Bob Ryder.  Abyss would be the longest tenured pro wrestler there, but everyone conveniently forgets he left the company for a quick moment where his deal expired and there was a flirtation between he and WWE, but he opted to remain with Impact.

First of all, having Coach back is a huge upgrade at the announcing desk.  But for years I’ve been listening to the color guys be in the middle of a good comment when Cole screams out something unimportant like, “There’s a headlock by Orton!”.  Every time he screams over one of the other guys with something dumb, I want to powerbomb him through a flaming table.  Why do they not stop him from constantly doing that?  Am I the only one that drives crazy?

Michael Cole is their boss and the last thing you want to do is stop your boss, even if he's driving you crazy.  Politically, not the best move.  Plus, chances are Cole has been ordered to say it by Vince McMahon, so he does what he is told in that moment.

How soon will the Austin Aries return air on Impact Wrestling? Do you think that Impact Wrestling does themselves a disservice by taping so far ahead considering all of their departures(ie Borash, EC3, Lashley..) ? EC3 has already appeared on WWE’s website & Youtube page. His exit hasn’t happened on tv yet.

The Aries return is on tonight's episode.  Impact can't control their talent if they release them from contract.  They are going to be trapped in the position they are in, whether that's embarassing to them or not, as they don't have the financial resources or the clout to keep talents off other promotions' TV until their Impact run is done.

Where do you think Bobby Lashley will end up?

Lashley has told those he'd like to do 1-2 more MMA fights and then go to WWE, but financially, his best bet is WWE, so my guess is we'll see him there sooner than later.

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