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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-30 15:32:00

The Jeremy Borash hire was a Triple H call and according to numerous sources, he will be working in the developmental/NXT system going forward.  It does not appear he was brought on board to take part in the Matt Hardy storyline, but there's always a chance he could be tapped to work on that.  There's no word when Borash officially starts with WWE but one would think he would be at the NXT tapings in Atlanta, GA this week.  There's also no word as to where he will appear on screen.

Borash's departure will change Impact Wrestling plans tremendously, at least in terms of their announcing plans.   Sources within Impact state the initial plan was to move Josh Mathews into more of a character on the show, positioning him with Matt Sydal as Sydal's "spiritual advisor."   That happened at the last set of TV tapings.   Their plan for announcing had been to put Borash and Don Callis together as the announcing team, but obviously that is out the window.

What will be interesting to see what Impact will do with any in-ring content that Borash hadn't already performed voiceovers for.

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