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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-30 09:17:00

Longtime Impact Wrestling personality Jeremy Borash has been hired by World Wrestling Entertainment, has confirmed.  Several Impact sources confirmed this morning that Borash has given them notice that he was leaving. 

Borash was backstage at the WWE events over the last several days in Philadelphia, but initially was telling those who asked that he was just visiting friends.  However, the word backstage at Raw last night was that Borash has been hired by WWE. 

Borash was doing commentary voiceovers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling this past Thursday and was at Friday night's House of Hardcore event in Philly filming material for Impact as well, which appear to have been his final duties for the company.

It’s not an understatement that Borash was in many ways the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling behind the scenes.  His exit is probably one of the most shocking in Impact history.  The departure is as major as Gene Okerlund jumping from Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association to the WWF in the 1980s in terms of perception, only it’s a far worse loss for Impact.

Borash has been one of the longest tenured Impact employees, dating back to the company's formation in 2002.  He held many different hats there, most notably ring announcing, commentating and doing backstage interviews at different points in front of the camera.   In recent months, he had been the lead announcer, which means WWE just signed Impact’s lead announcer right after Impact has tons of episodes with his work in the can that will air for the next several months.

Behind the scenes, Borash was really the company MVP as he could be counted on to handle everything asked of him.  He worked on the creative side and was a tireless producer and content creator forthe company, most famously editing and putting together the Hardy "Broken Universe" material and Impact's British Bootcamp reality series.    He would run production and execution of live events.  He spearheaded the company’s dive into social media and was a massive cheerleader for all things Impact Wrestling. 

Borash was the glue that at times, helped to hold Impact together behind the scenes.  He was the constant that could always be counted on by those running the company, especially in the Dixie Carter era.  Without Borash, that company will never be the same.  It cannot be overstated: this is a massive loss.

Prior to Impact Wrestling, Borash worked for WCW as a ring announcer and one of the hosts of the WCW Live internet program, coming into pro wrestling following a career in the radio industry.  Outside of Impact, Borash promoted the 2005 Hardcore Homecoming ECW nostalgia events, the first of which still holds the record for the highest pro wrestling gate in the history of the 2300 Arena.  He also produced the well-received Forever Hardcore documentary on the ECW era.

In recent years, Borash has also worked with television personality Chef Robert Irvine’s production company, working on Irvine’s television productions and emceeing his live events.  Borash has also worked regularly as the emcee for WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ events.

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