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By Steven Fernandes on 2018-01-30 08:28:00

New Japan Pro Wrestling have applied to trademark the following U.S Trademarks: Strong Style, King of Sports, and Strong Style Evolved.   They applied all three for clothing purposes.

They are also applying 'Strong Style Evolved' for the following: 

"Educational and instruction services relating to arts, crafts, sports or general knowledge; arranging, conducting and organization of seminars; arranging, conducting and organization of conferences, lecture meeting, workshops, symposiums; production of radio or television programs; Production of videotape film in the field of education, culture, entertainment or sports (not for movies or television programs and not for advertising or publicity); organization, arranging and conducting of sports competitions; organization, arranging and conducting of martial arts; booking of seats for show; presentation of live show performances; presentation of magic performances; direction or presentation of plays; presentation of musical performances"

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