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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-29 10:22:00

As we reported last night on, currently, the Rey Mysterio return was just a one night appearance, although the monster pop he received certainly caught the attention of WWE management.

WWE and Mysterio have had off and on talks about a return over the last year, but the main bone of contention has been that WWE has wanted Mysterio back full-time while Mysterio, 43, would rather work a part-time schedule.

Mysterio appeared on the third season of Lucha Underground, but his deal with that series has expired.  He has had talks with Impact Wrestling and at one point, a deal to debut at the last set of Impact tapings brokered by Konnan was so close that travel arrangements had been made before the conversations ended without a deal.  Impact had been working on the idea of trying to get Mysterio to debut at their April tapings with the idea of debuting him at the 4/22 Redemption PPV.

Mysterio has also been training his son Dominick (the same boy who appeared during the Rey vs. Eddie Guerrero feud on Smackdown) for an in-ring return of late.

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