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By Joshua Higham on 2018-01-28 16:59:00


Beware the Snowman 
January 28, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Chikara Wrestle Factory

The stream began with a video about identity (which can be seen here:, showing the history of The Whisper transforming into a new Ophidian, the former Ophidian using the guise of 17, Ashley Vox becoming Oceanea, and the self-imposed exile of Lucas Calhoun after discovering he was a laboratory creation of Professor Nicodemus. 

Oleg the Usurper pinned Kobald
The match was 90% Oleg in control even hitting his patented Off with Your Head, which only fired Kobald up, who took control for a spell. After some brawling on the floor, Oleg regained control and scored the win after three consecutive Off with Your Heads. With this win, Oleg received his third point and got in line to challenge for the Grand Championship again. 

The former Race Jaxon came out wearing his new mask, now calling himself Blank. He issued a challenge to the Proletariat Boar of Moldova at National Pro Wrestling Day.

Travis Huckabee pinned Gran Akuma
Akuma has settled into the role of the grizzled veteran who thinks the new class of rookies are soft. Akuma and Huckabee would trade holds and grapple, with Akuma often getting the advantage, locking in a hold, just to release it a moment later. They went back and forth, move for move until Huckabee got the pin with a small package out of nowhere. Post-match, Huckabee offered his hand, but Akuma kicked him before walking off.

Proletariat Boar of Moldova pinned Cornelius Crummels 
Crummels tried to jumpstart the match, but the Boar used his power and strength to gain control, eventually winning with a spear as Crummels attempted something from the top rope.

Post-match, Boar talked to Scott Holladay and accepted Blank’s challenge for National Pro Wrestling Day. 

The Closers (Rick Roland and Sloan Caprice) won a four-way elimination match, which also included Dez Peloton, Legion of Rot, and The Throwbacks
Tons of multi-person action before we got the first fall of the match. The Closers got the first pinfall on Dez Peloton after the Deal Breaker. The Throwbacks tried to focus on the smallest man in the match, Frightmare, but Hallowicked was able to interject himself. Still, Dasher Hatfield pinned Hallowicked with a prawn hold out of a reversal, but after the fall, Frightmare attacked Hatfield. Sloan Caprice was able to save his partner from a 3D from the Throwbacks, and a moonsault from Rick Roland sealed the win for The Closers. The Closers have three points and are next to challenge Los Ice Creams for the Campeonatos de Parejas. 

Post-match, The Closers told Scott Holladay that Los Ice Creams’ pathetic run as Campeones has come to a close. 

After a brief intermission…

Lucas Calhoun returned to Chikara, admitting that he is a clone. Calhoun says he has a soul, and even though he’s a carbon copy of another being, he is his own man. While watching last year’s finale, he had to watch Professor Nicodemus and his new monsters destroy Missile Assault Man. Calhoun called out fellow clone Jeremy Leary. Leary took the mic, proud to be the upgraded model of the Volgar Quotient. Calhoun understands where Leary is coming from, but he messed up when he allowed Nicodemus and his monsters to the ring. Calhoun says they need to band together and fight Nicodemus. He offers his hand to Leary, who takes a moment and then accepts.

So now, we have two of the clones created by Nicodemus will now work to fight against their creator.

“17” defeated “Ophidian” by knockout
17 attempted to break Ophidian’s arm several times, but Ophidian was able to evade and escape every try. 17 began to rip the face piece of Ophidian’s mask. 17 shook off every bit of offense from Ophidian until he threw 17 into the stage backdrop, which disoriented 17, giving Ophidian the advantage. Ophidian ripped the snake mask off and, becoming the Whisper again, shouted, “I’ve already beaten you.” 17 snapped The Whisper’s arm and hit him with forearms until Bryce Remsburg stopped the match, giving a knockout win to 17. 17 took the Ophidian mask and put it back on, becoming the true Ophidian once again. 

The original Ophidian told Scott Holladay that at National Pro Wrestling Day, he still has to cross Frightmare off his list. 

Oceanea and Merlok defeated Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad by submission
Hermit Crab and Crawdad tried to show up Oceanea and request a test of strength. She ignored them and allowed Merlok to start the match and take control. Oceanea tagged herself in, but still Crab and Crawdad were “still moving,” she tagged Merlok back in and he continued his rampage. The Crustaceans started a little bit of offense, but Merlok and Oceanea overpowered. Oceanea gets the win with the Reel Catch submission on Hermit Crab. After the match, Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad bowed to Oceanea and left with her and Merlok.

Chikara Grand Championship
Juan Francisco de Coronado defeated Hype Rockwell in his ninth defense

On commentary, Dasher Hatfield mentioned that his son has joined the Wrestle Factory and is working ring crew/security in a Hatfield mask. While de Coronado was stalling at the start of the match, he gave Junior Hatfield a dirty look. Foreshadowing for later tonight or later this season? Rockwell was able to hit the Hyperwheel but de Coronado had enough wherewithal/momentum to roll to the floor to avoid the pin. de Coronado regained the advantage by kicking low and getting the Coronado Clutch to make Rockwell pass out from the pain.

The fans chanted for one more match, and we get an encore match. 

Razerhawk defeated Sonny Defarge
A quick match with Razerhawk winning with a swanton. 

Notes: Mike Quackenbush, Sidney Bakabella, Icarus, and Dasher Hatfield rotated at Commentation Station. The new Director of Fun Bryce Remsburg handled most of the refereeing duties with a newer female referee in charge of Boar vs. Crummels bout and the encore match. 

Chikara returns with National Pro Wrestling Day on Saturday, February 17 at the Wrestle Factory with: 
Proletariat Boar vs. Blank
Frightmare vs. Ophidian

and the possibilities of 
Oleg the Usurper vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado 
The Closers vs. Los Ice Creams

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