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By Cory Strode on 2018-01-28 18:57:00

Get ready for 6 – 7  HOURS of WWE action as we begin the Royal Rumble Kickoff show!
Our host is Renee Young, with Peter Rosenberg, David Otunga, and Jerry Lawler are opening things up, but people haven't even gotten into the arena yet, so we have two hours of previews.  They hype the Raw title and women's royal rumble, as well as letting us know about the social media lounge.  They show the crowd outside and then have a video package hyping the Firsts that the women's divisionhave had leading up to their own rumble.

We come back from the package to Alexa Bliss talking about the Rumble.  Her pick is Nia Jax, but if Asuka wins, she will have time to prepare. When she is asked who she does not want to face at Mania, she dodges the question as if she is on one of the Sunday morning news discussion shows.  She ends her segment by saying that whoever wins, they will have the pleasure of losing to her at Wrestlemania.

We get some setup for the two tag team matches tonight with the backstage meeting of Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan with Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin.  Jason comes off as a goofball, and the announcers all highlight that he may have a big head.

We then get a video package of the First Rumble, with Hacksaw Jim Duggan giving his memories of the event.  

This brings us to Our Kickoff match 

Gran Metalik, Kalisto and Lince Dorado vs. Drew Gulak, Gentleman Jack Gallagher and TJP 

Drew Gulak starts with Kalisto and states there should be no chanting.  Drew taken control early and gets a pair of one counts, but when Kalisto reverses the hold, he tags in Gallagher. Grand Metalik is tagged in.  They lock up and then TJ Perkins gets tagged in as well as Dorado.

At this point, we are getting the Lucha team tagging in quickly, until all three of the heels are on the floor.  All three luchas gather on the top turnbuckle and then moonsault onto the non-masked wrestlers onto the floor. An impressive spot and a good way to go to break.

We have a quick break and come back to TJ Perkins in control.  The three slow down the match, keeping Dorado in the ring and working him over, not allowing him to tag out.  Gallagher is set to drop off of the second rope, but Gulak tells him No Flying.  The delay causes Gallagher to miss, and Dorado gets the desperate tag to Metalik.

TJ Perkins gets a roll up, but Kalisto rolls through to wins with the Solina Del Sol.

Solid cruiser weight match.  

Now it's time for the group to talk to Charlotte Flair, who states she wants to face Becky Lynch at Mania.  She also states that she doesn't have anyone she doesn't want to face.  She will even break Asuka's streak.  

We then get a package going over the best Rumble of all time.  The 1992 Rumble with Ric Flair.  

When we get back, Renee introduces the annual statistics video package of how many people have competed and other stats. It also goes over the rules for people who don't know how it works. And yes, Kane still has the record number of eliminations. 

We do get some nice bits between segments of Kevin Owens and Sami Zahn mocking twitter questions.  These are wonderful and make me laugh every time.  

We then get HBK talking about the Rumble from 1995, the first man in and the last man standing.

Now, down to the Raw announce team of Michael Cole, Booker T and Corey Graves.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. The Revival 

A rematch from RAW, and the story is that Gallows and Anderson are on a roll since forming the Balor Club. 

Starting off, Anderson and Dawson work each other over, with Anderson getting the better of the exchange.  When Gallows tags in, Dawson gets some offense in before Gallows asserts control. 

We get a break for the Facebook mixed tag tournament.  

Coming back it's Dawson and Anderson with Dawson in control and Dawson is working the leg.  As Wilder tags in, he keeps working the leg, putting Anderson into a couple of leg hold before tagging in Dawson.  Just an excellent sequence of putting Anderson in danger and making the Revival look tough.  They need to after using them as comedy fodder Monday night.  Anderson gets a close pin after another tag, but it's stopped and they keep Anderson from tagging out.

Anderson is able to send Dawson out of the ring and while Dawson is able to tag ion Wilder, Wilder knocks Anderson toward his own corner, allowing Gallows to come in to clean house. Gallows hits power moves, tags in Anderson and they get Wilder into the Magic Killer, but Dawson breaks it up.  

Anderson gets a spinebuster and a two count which is broken up by Dawson.  Gallows gets tricked into running into the ring post. As Dawson goes up on the top Anderson stops him and Wilder chop blocks Anderson and is able to get the pin.  

Winner - Revival

Back to the panel and JBL has replaced Lawler. They run down the matches coming up and it's Hype Time.  They introduce a video package of last night's NXT show that I will have to watch next weekend and I can't wait!

It's the first step on the road to Rusev Mania!  The Rusev Rumble is on Rusev day!

When we come back, David Otunga has been replaced with Alundra Blake, who hypes the women's Rumble.  Her fan favorite is Auska, and she'd like to beat her ass...wait, butt, it's not the attitude era any more!  Alundra and JBL have a lot of comedy bits as she is asked who she thinks she will win. She states she is a big fan of Nia Jax, but doesn't answer the question.

Back outside, it's dark, the crowd is chanting Rusev Day and we get hype for the Universal Champion match with a video package. When it's over, Otunga is back and they break down the coming championship match. Peter thinks it will be Stroman, Otunga thinks it will be Lesner and JBL picks Kane.  

1997 Rumble is back where Austin wins his first of THREE rumble wins and setting up Austin vs Michaels.

The Smackdown announcers team, Bryon Jackson, Corey Graves and Tom Phillips are here and it's GLORIOUS!

Bobby Roode's Glorious US Championship challenge is next! He gives a promo about the importance of the night and how he fought his way to be US Champion.  This was a pure babyface promo, talking about how the city was the birthplace of America.

He Hate Me sign in the crowd popped me.

With the music, we KNOW who has answered the challenge:

Bobby Roode (US Champion) vs Mojo Rawley

They hook up and Roode is tossed to the ground.  Roode battles back and is able to get in some licks.  A side Russian leg sweep into a two count for our first attempted pin.  Roode is knocked outside the ring tossing him into the barricade and the Rawley charges, putting him into the barricade again.  Rawley tosses him into the ring for a two count and the announcers ask if Roode can get back into it, meaning it's time for a break.

When the break is over, Rawley is dominating, just beating Roode in the corner. The match slows as Rawley puts Roode in a chinlock for Roode to slowly get up and get a suplex to get free. Roode has turned it around and hits with clotheslines and a one count.  Roode hits a blockbuster and Mojo catches him and nearly gets a DDT.  Mojo is able to get a spike and a two count.

Mojo wastes time trash talking and Roode gets a spinebuster and gets a two count. Rawley is able to get a small rally, but Roode hits him with the DDT and gets the one, two three.

Winner and still champion, Bobby Roode  

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