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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-29 10:00:00

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Do you think Vince McMahon has learned anything from the failure from the first go around on the XFL to make this time a success or do you see the XFL failing again after the first season or so and Vince writing this off?

Vince is a sharp guy.  I think he absolutely learned things from the failure of the XFL.  He already showed that by allowing two years to get the league up and running.  Last time, it was rushed to market.  With that said, I don’t think the issue is what he has learned.  I think the issue is will he present a product that the public wants to buy.  It’s no secret that starting a football league isn’t easy.  The last one to successfully take on the NFL was the AFL over 50 years ago.  Since then, failure rate has been high.  Even the NFL’s WLAF failed.  The Arena League has stayed around but is minor league.  In fact, on of the teams in the last Championship game has suspended operations for the coming season.  The problem here is that when it comes to football, most fans want the established product with the best players, and that is the NFL.  Also, there is so much college football that also fills the plates of fans.  Vince thinks the masses want more football after the Super Bowl.  I don’t agree.  We will see what happens.  

Has Dave ever attended a Wrestlemania?

Yes, I went to Mania XV in Philly in 1999.

How many hours of wrestling do you think you watch each day?

Honestly, it depends on the day!

So is Pete Dunne an officially contracted performer for WWE? I know he's the U.K. Champion (not that he's really doing anything with it now), but I keep seeing ads for him wrestling at indie shows, specifically being marketed as WWE UK Champion, like his upcoming bout with Austin Aries. Why does WWE allow this? Is Dunne and his title so divorced from the main WWE product that it doesn't really matter to WWE brass?

WWE wants him to work and they don’t have a full time territory set up for him to do so.  They like Dunne and have control over the Title. It’s a win-win for all.

With the Mixed Match Challenge, some commentators appearing on both shows, and even occasional cross-promotional appearances, what's the point of the brand split? They even had Daniel Bryan just make an announcement on behalf of 205 Live, even though the cruiserweights were *supposed* to be Raw-exclusive. The lack of consistency in WWE is so profound sometimes that it hurts my head.

It’s par for the course with the brand split.  Hell, two months ago the sides hated each other and went to war at the Survivor Series.  On Monday, Smackdown talents were on Raw and The New Day was in the ring for the final segment to keep the Raw monsters apart.  Trying to make sense of that will definitely hurt your head.

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