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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-28 10:00:00

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Why as of today are there only 17 ppl entered in men’s rumble? Wouldn’t everyone be clamoring at a chance to enter and challenge for title? Why not say there 20 spots in the rumble and then say last ten are 4 next or legends and have have qualifying matches on raw and SmackDown for the right to be in it? Why aren’t the 6 guys in the world title matches begging their GMs to be in it if the lose? Why aren’t champions putting there names in so they have a chance to win rumble and make it so no one challenges them?

If wrestling were a shoot sport, absolutely.  Since it’s not, and it’s scripted entertainment, the reason is that the writing team did not book it that way.  I am with you though, there should have been more emphasis on the match on TV.

A quick question about the CM Punk/WWE situation. I was surprised to see that they featured him in the opening video of RAW25 AND displayed the footage of him sitting on the ramp where he did the famous promo. Surely he deserved to be in there, but to me it came across as WWE telling the (hardcore) fans that there is a good chance of a comeback. It would have been easy for them to pretend that Punk never existed like they do many times. Any thoughts?

I think that you are making quite a leap there.  He was part of WWE’s history and they showed him, which is their right.  I don’t see it as anything other than that.

I didn't have cable in the late '90s, so I have a question about Sunday Night Heat. Since it was the official B-show before Smackdown showed up, was Heat actually taped live every Sunday night? Or was it taped before Raw and aired six days later? I know that ended up being the case in the 2000s.

It was live when it first started (at least most of the time).  For a while it emanated from the WWE NY restaurant.  Once Smackdown started, it started being taped before that show.

Do you think with the depth of their roster that NXT should add another singles title (such as a TV Title)?  It would give others the opportunity to show how they carry themselves as champions before being (potentially) moved up to the main roster.

Right now, no.  They only do one hour of TV.  They can use the UK Title when need be and with the tournaments that they run, they have a lot to cram into that 60 minutes.

I have a question about Enzo Amore. Having been fired as he was by WWE, is he still under a 90-day no compete clause or if someone else like Impact or ROH was to offer him a job, which is highly unlikely, could he start immediately? 

I am under the impression he is free and clear, thought I don't know that to be the case.  It’s WWE’s option as to whether to pay the talent for three months after they are let go.  If he doesn't turn up anywhere for three months, then it probably means he got paid.

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