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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-27 10:00:00

This question might not be answered in time for the Royal Rumble but I'll ask it anyways. In your opinion who should win the Royal Rumble? And I'm not referring to which wrestler but the entrant number?  I know the whole concept is the person in the #25-30 has the advantage but I personally feel cheated when someone with say #27 wins it. I already know going in I'll be disappointed with the result (I always am every year). Royal Rumble is one of those events we all love the concept but get disappointed on the winner. 

I have no idea what number will win.  It all defends on the story WWE wants to devise and tell tomorrow.  Given how often they change their plans over the course of the day, I wouldn't even wager to make that guess.

I was wondering why some Independent Wrestlers that get signed to WWE have to close their Pro Wrestling Tees store within days of the signing being announced, such as Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, and most recently War Machine, but others get to keep theirs. It seems odd to me that they aren't consistent with who can and can't have a 3rd party store for merchandise. 

It probably all depends on what the letter of the law is contractually with the deals that have been signed.  It could also be that some talents made the choice to close the stores to make sure they aren't ordered to do so down the line.  I guess the moral of the story is that if you have a favorite talent with a Pro Wrestling Tees store, don't wait to buy their shirt!

Any chance Jeff Jarrett will be a part of Royal Rumble?

That is not a name I've heard any chatter about at all.  I wouldn't place strong bets on it.

Why didn't Sable appear at Raw 25?  

Obviously, they didn't invite her or she turned down the invitation.

Mike I saw from your photos of Raw's 25th anniversary that you were sitting ringside. You also sat ringside at most ECW arena shows back in the day. My question is, does WWE comp you tickets since you are a member of the wrestling media or do you have to log on to ticketmaster like everyone else? Back when ECW was going, did you have a reserved seat that you paid for each month kind of like the old MSG WWF cards where someone like Georgianne Makropoulos sat in the same seat for decades? I've always been curious because you always end up on the front row (One Night Stand too). So how does and did this work? Keep up the great work I have been reading you and Dave since the 1Wrestling days and love the site dearly. It's right after the local weather on my morning website list. 

ECW had something called "Club ECW" where you could subscribe and pay for events four at a time in advance, reserving the same seats for the ECW Arena shows as well as receive a discount on merchandise.  I was a regular for that as a fan.

Today, like anyone else who reports for a living, from time to time, there are tickets that are offered as a courtesy but there are also shows where I choose to pay to go because I feel it's important to attend the show and report from a live perspective.  So, it all depends on the event and the situation. 

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