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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-26 10:00:00

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If Monday Night Raw debuted on January 11, 1993, why didn't the 25th anniversary happen a couple of week's ago?

WWE wanted to wait until they were in the New York City market and have all of their marketing and branding synergies in place.  They route their tours a year, sometimes 2 years in advance.  It may be that the Manhattan Center or the Barclays wasn't open on dates they fit perfectly with the week of 1/11/18.

Shaun Corbett sent the following after this was posted and he makes a GREAT point....Monday 1/8/2018 was also the date of the college football national championship (which drew 28 million viewers), and the Monday before were the college football playoff semi-finals (21 million viewers). My guess is they wanted to avoid both of those, plus have a week of “normal” viewership (which would also be the first post MNF/College football Mondays since the week before Labor Day),  to promote Raw 25.   Thanks Shaun!

Hi guys as always great work with the site and I just re-upped my subscription service and the elite is just amazing highly recommended to anybody looking to start there's in the future. my question is about wrestlemania 35. Has there been any movement on where it will be? I kept hearing rumors that it was going to be announced for MetLife stadium for raw 25 and that didn't happen, now I'm hearing it will be announced for the linc in philly at the royal rumble or it could end up in Detroit not sure what to believe. it's been really quiet so wondering if you guys know any new information? Thanks a ton

Most of the talk I have heard revolves around the NYC area, but we have yet to lock in a location.  Wrestlemania 34 was originally planned for Metlife Stadium but that doesn't mean 35 is locked in there


Who do you think is most likely to be 205live gm?  Rey I think would work great. It would achieve so many things. Would bring a lot of eyes to 205. It keeps Rey from competing regularly, solving WWE's concerns of his being prone to injury.  He'd be a great mentor to the young guys there, and he could still work the big shows as an authority figure alla- Shane, kurt,HHH.

I haven't heard a specific person yet, but the one name I keep coming back to is Paige, who is a great talker and needs a new role not that she can no longer compete for the company.

Regarding music composed for WWE, specifically from Jim Johnston, who owns the rights to them? Now that he has departed, will WWE have to pay Jim royalties to continue to use his songs? Or were they created for WWE to use anyway they see fit and Jim getting a one-time payment for handing over the songs? I ask because his catalog spans over 30 years with WWE and I doubt WWE has ownership of the older songs.

He created that music while under contract to WWE, which likely means that material is owned by them.  One would think that as the composer, if he did not receive a specific buy-out as part of his contract for any music he created, he would be due a royalty anytime that music is sold.

Another question about the above if applicable. If the WWE doesn't have full ownership and rights to use Jim Johnston's composed songs at their descretion, do you think that the WWE will now replace all his songs with generic music? If you think about it, that is a lot of money they need to pay Jim on royalty fees because hsi catalog is so massive. As well, that is a lot of scrubbing that the WWE will have to do, and above all, a lot of iconic songs associated with each wrestler will be lost.

I don't believe that's going to be the case.

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