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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-24 19:47:00

"Where's my football?" - Vince McMahon, XFL press conference, 2001.

It appears that if your football was the XFL, the answer is that it's indeed coming back, soon.

WWE's Production team has been working on video material geared towards promoting the impending return of the XFL of late, has learned.  

The current plan, according to numerous sources, is for the football league to officially return in 2020.  The delay is to build a proper infrastructure, including hiring coaches and players.  As you might remember, the original incarnation of the XFL launched rather quickly after it was announced.  Vince McMahon is not going to make the same mistake twice.

Last year, McMahon launched a new company, Alpha Entertainment, to pursue a number of potential entertainment endeavors as well as a potental relaunch of the XFL.  It's quite interesting that despite the planned relaunch being outside of WWE's auspices, their production team has been working on video content related to the planned return of the football league.

The original XFL launched in 2001 as a joint venture between NBC and WWE, existing for one season. 

An ESPN 30For30 documentary about the rise and fall of the league included footage of McMahon and NBC Executive Dick Ebersol discussing their memories of their partnership in the league over dinner and the idea of launching it today.  During those discussions, McMahon admitted that he had "recently" had talks with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about the idea of a "minor league NFL."  It certainly appears that instead, the XFL will rise again.

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