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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-24 10:00:00

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I'm watching early episodes of RAW and there's tons of advertisement for Ico Pro.  What exactly was Ico Pro, why was it pushed so hard on WWE programming, and why did it fail?
It was a line of bodybuilding supplements that the company marketed in conjunction with the WWF and Vince McMahon’s World Bodybuilding Federation.  Both ICOPRO and the WBF failed because the crossover between wrestling fans and bodybuilding wasn’t a big one. 

Due to the effects of his plane crash, Ric Flair took bumps on his side as opposed to on his back for just about his entire career.  He was able to have a very long career with minimal long-term damage to his back and neck.  Is it worth investigating and doing some research, either by WWE or some other reputable company with the capability to do so, if it's safer and less damaging to the body to take bumps on your side, rather than your back?  There may or may not be anything to it, but if there is something to that idea, learning to bump on your side could potentially be a viable way to extend the career of wrestlers with a history of back problems.

I have talked to wrestlers that tried bumping that way and every one of them said that they had no idea how Flair did it.  I just think he was a freak of nature.  And, it’s possible that his alcohol abuse could have been a factor as well, as I have read studies that drunk drivers often do better in car crashes due to the alcohol keeping their body looser.

I know Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo don’t get much love on Pwinsider (maybe due to twitter interactions and Dave and emails with Mike). Its noticeable in a lot of answers on Q&A about the 2. But would you not agree Wrestling had a lot more viewers when them 2 were involved? WCW, WWE, TNA. Do they not deserve credit?

I have always given both men credit for their accomplishments in the business, Bischoff especially.  What he did in WCW was amazing and changed the business.  A good part of his run was amazing and helped change the way the business was presented.  Russo had his good moments as well, though I think the time after he left the WWF has shown that he was much more successful when he had to run his ideas through Vince McMahon.  I have said those things about both men many, many times.  If you were an Elite subscriber you would know that I honestly couldn’t care less what those two (or most people for that matter) say or think about me.  My family and friends are all I care about in that regard.  What Bischoff or Russo think about me doesn’t concern me in the least because they don’t matter to me, they are just people I cover at work.  I am very fair and give them both credit for their accomplishments, and have done so for decades.  But, I also call them on what they have done poorly because I tell the whole story, just not the good parts.  

I’ll admit I didn’t know much about New Japan before the Omega/Jericho bout but it opened my eyes to how much amazing wrestling I was missing out on and pushed me to sign up for New Japan World. In doing my research on YouTube and NJPW, one thing that stood out was the abundance of salty language that is used in promos and in the ring. While it is refreshing and brings me back to shades of the attitude era, I have to wonder, in most North American promotions, especially WWE, if you drop an F-Bomb on live TV you’re either fired or severely reprimanded. What is it about New Japan that allows the talent to have so much freedom with their words?

NJPW doesn’t have the issues with language being broadcast that the American companies do.  It’s just a cultural difference between the countries.

I was hoping for an AJ Lee/Paige face off for nostalgic purposes in the Rumble, but that won't be going ahead now for obvious reasons. Anyway, might we see AJ Lee return for one night only to be in the women's Rumble?

Is there a way?  Sure.  But given that her husband, CM Punk, is still embroiled in a lawsuit against Dr. Chris Amann, I think it’s a big long shot that she would appear.

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