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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-23 10:00:00

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Does Carmella still have the money in the bank briefcase and if she does why has no one cared about it? 

Yes, she does indeed.  Mike Eps and I talked about that on our show over the weekend.  It seems like it’s largely forgotten, which isn’t a good way to get it over.

Really? Live Audio Wrestling with Jeremy Borash? I'm guessing this is going to be a show centered around Impact and not on the entire pro wrestling scene, right?

I don’t know if it will be centered around Impact, but given that the program is owned by the same company that owns Impact, I expect it to be very sympathetic to the brand, much like WCW Live was to WCW back in the day.  I think it would be a huge mistake to make it Impact-centric since the brand is, at best, the number three company in the US/Canada.  Focusing on a small brand will hurt their listenership, especially when you consider how good of a far reaching program LAW was when John Pollock was running it.  With that said, Borash has a radio background.  He and I did Wrestling Radio in Minneapolis a few decades ago.  He can do a good show if they let him.

I listened to Jim Johnston's latest interview and he complained about WWE refusing to have closing credits at the end of their television broadcasts. He believes that the people working behind the scenes are getting enough appreciation. This reminds me of when the Ultimate Warrior pitched the idea of an award for employees who work behind the scenes all those years ago and to be honest, I'm disappointed that it didn't come to fruition. As someone who worked in TV, I've always wondered if this bothers past/present employees or if they enjoy the privacy. Do you believe there should be closing credits on WWE broadcasts?

I have heard from people in the business on both sides of the issue.  Some think that they should have credits, at least for the non in-ring performers, while others don’t care.  Personally, I don’t care either way.  I get that they are presenting it like a sport and when the “game” ends, the show does too.

When Strowman pulled down the scaffolding onto Lesnar and Kane, everyone flocked to Lesnar to help him, but no one paid any attention to Kane. Was that intentional, or just another oversight?

It was how they booked it.  And to be fair, they did make it appear as if Brock got it far worse than Kane, but you are right.  Both guys should have had people checking on them.

Macho Man wrestled full time for years after going to WCW, so why did McMahon take him out of the ring and transition him to an announcing role towards the end of his WWE run?

Savage said in interviews that Vince McMahon thought he had gotten too old  (he was almost 42 when he left in October of 1994) and it was time for him to transition into being an announcer.  Savage didn’t agree and ultimately left to go wrestle again in WCW.

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