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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-21 10:00:00

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Does EC3 keep his name? It doesn’t make sense in the WWE world unless they use Dixie Carter. Or do they run a similar angle where he comes in as a McMahon? He doesn’t seem to need that aspect of his character anymore, but he might as a way to introduce him to the WWE Universe.

He can keep his gimmick as anthem has done a 180 on that aspect of their business.  I would keep it if I were him as it has goodwill behind it.  You don’t need the full name, EC3 on its own works.

Why was Jim Johnston let go by WWE, is the door open for him to return at some point, and how do they handle the production of their music now that he is gone?  He is most certainly one of the most important people in the history of the company with respect to the presentation of the shows, and I can't imagine why they would even consider replacing him.

He appeared on Sean Mooney’s podcast a few days ago and said the following about being let go: "I had a brief conversation with Vince and it was over.  All I'll say is that I think there were a lot of ways to end it and the way that it ended was…..I think there were better ways to end it where everyone could have walked away with a much better feeling. And after 32 years, it seems like a lost opportunity to me and I don't really understand it."  They have other people making music for them now.  As for why he was let go, well let’s just say that the longer people work in the company often times the more they wonder when the axe will fall on them.

Does Lashley change the Wrestlemania card? Lashley vs. Lesnar is a Wrestlemania match and Lesnar may not sign back with the WWE, so why not work that angle and have Braun Strowman take the belt and fight Reigns again in a guaranteed strong match?

IF, and I say IF, Lashley comes in, there is no way I see WWE putting him in a top of the card match at WrestleMania.  They don’t even do that with NXT talents that come up through their own system.

What is the latest on Vince Russo?  He seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth.

He's still among the living, spreading joy and happiness wherever he goes, Bro.  I am not sure how he is making a living, but he does do some podcasting.

With the injuries to Dean Ambrose, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Jason Jordan, and Paige being no longer allowed to wrestle, how should WWE be planning for Wrestlemania?  Should they start making calls to The Rock, Goldberg, etc... or trying to push up guys like Finn Balor, Jinder Mahal, Dolph Zigler, Bray Wyatt, and Baron Corbin? (All of them who have been booked pretty poorly if not lousy lately).  Aside from the obvious questions of if The Undertaker will be there and who will HHH face off with.

You could call The Rock, but his movie schedule will keep him from wrestling (he got hurt last time he did it).  To me, you go with the talent you have.  I expect HHH and Shane McMahon to work.  Hopefully we get John Cena vs. Undertaker.  That alone is enough older, big name talent.  If we get Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the Title, you have another big match.  If they go with AJ Styles defending against Shinsuke Nakamura, you have a hardcore fan’s dream match (and remember a lot of hardcores fly in for Mania).  I think they have plenty of talent and not all of the people you mentioned will miss Mania.  Good booking is all it takes to build a great show with what they have available.

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