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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-20 10:00:00

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Any word if WWE will move forward with 205 Live events past this weekend?

All that had been scheduled tentatively past this weekend was potential events in California next month, but given nothing has been announced, I'd be doubtful if they are moving forward.

Question about the WWE Hall of Fame? If Bubba and Devon go in will Spike be included or not?

I believe if they do induct The Dudley Boyz, it will be simply Bubba Ray and D-Von.

When he returns.. what is there exactly to do with Big Cass?? Can't exactly follow up with Enzo being the obxious heel he is now can you? I want to see him utilized strongly as he deserves to be, but I don't know personally what exactly there is to do with him.

I think there's lots to do with Cass.  He never really got to showcase what he can do before being injured.    He could easily just return and beat the hell out of a babyface and then move on, or return as a babyface looking to kill Enzo tearing through the ZoTrain.

Any update on the Rich Swann situation?

Swann remains suspended by WWE.  There's been no movement on his case as of this writing.

Whatever happened to Kimona Wanaleia?

She' no longer involved with pro wrestling beyond a convention appearance from time to time.

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