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By Mike Johnson & Steven Fernandez on 2018-01-19 22:16:00

Hania the Huntress took to Twitter to address leaving Impact Wrestling last week, which was her second set of TV tapings with the company after being signed last year:

In regard to what Hania claims was blown out of proportion, we have heard from several who worked the tapings that she was booked to wrestle against Su Yung (who was getting a push as part of her debut to set up a program with Alllie) and upon learning she was booked to lose, Hania balked at doing the job.  It was a move that left people shaking their heads, because as one worker told me, "Who's going to remember who lost that match a year from now or even a month from now?"

There are conflicting stories as to what happened from there.  One version being passed around by Impact wrestlers that after balking at the job, Hania informed the company she was done.   The other version is that she was fired by Scott D'Amore.

Hania, real name Tamara McNeill, 27, originally broke into the business under a mask as Saturnyne in 2011 for CHIKARA before working for Ring of Honor and a slew of independent promotions over the last several years.


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