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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-18 10:00:00

You reported Paige would be retiring but Monday came and went without her making a retirement announcement.  When do you correct your story?

I don't.  I never once reported Paige would be announcing her retirement on Raw.  Go back and check for yourself.  Anyone who claims I wrote that has zero reading comprehension.  What I did report, because it is correct, is that she was informed last week the company will not clear her to return to the ring as an in-ring performer, similar to Daniel Bryan and Edge.  Whatever narrative WWE wants to portray in their storylines, what I reported is correct.  My reporting was picked up and used by the basis in major outlets all over the world, to the point it may have been the biggest story I ever broke.  Had it been incorrect, WWE would have issued a statement to one of those mainstream outlets, especially ones they have an ongoing relationship with.  They didn't, and there's a reason for that - my story wasn't incorrect.

Is it possible Paige can get a second opinion?

Paige can get all the opinions she wants, but it's not going to change the WWE decision.  They have remained steadfast that Daniel Bryan won't be allowed to return to the ring for them and this is no different.

If Paige left WWE, could she still wrestle?

She could, if she wanted to take her health and put it on the line.  She might decide to do that one day, even if just for a "last" match but as long as Paige is under contract to WWE, she's not going to be taking bumps.

Any info on the next classic content that will be added to WWE Network?

The original plan was for it to be Coliseum Home Videos, but we are told that since WWE ended the lawsuit that Raven and Buff Bagwell brought against them, the Coliseum plans may be bumped in favor of finally uploading WCW Thunder as next month is the 20th anniversary of its debut.   We should know very soon.

On the Collections side, the last I heard was an Alexa Bliss Collection as well as material celebrating Black History Month.

Any idea if we'll ever get the old WWWF TV on the WWE Network?  I have great memories of attending the Allentown tapings with my grandparents, but obviously, I don't have them on VHS and would love to see them.

You are in luck.  We have also WWE is readying WWWF TV for addition to the Network later this year.  I don't know what years that would cover, however.

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