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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-15 13:56:00

Paige is backstage at Raw in San Antonio, Texas but there is no word yet on her role for the show.

It's interesting to note that in her appearance on Lilian Garcia's podcast a few weeks ago, Paige noted that after her neck surgery, her doctor advised her not to return to work as a professional wrestler but "doctors don't understand how pro wrestlers" think and want to perform and eventually, she was able to get cleared by WWE.

For those who have asked whether Paige would be able to return to the ring if she left WWE, the easy answer to that is yes.  The decision to have her stop performing as a professional wrestler is something that WWE has made.  Like Daniel Bryan if and when he leaves WWE contractually, Paige could make the choice to return to the ring. It may not be the healthiest, long-term decision, but it is a decision she could technically make.

Paige seemingly commented on the WWE decision today via her Twitter account:

For those who have asked whether there is heat on Sasha Banks because of the Paige situation, we are told that the answer to that is no.  It's being seen as something that could have happened with anyone in the ring and not something that was a direct result of Banks' actions.  As I noted in my audio over the weekend, the two did the exact same spot the night before in Madison Square Garden.

WWE is planning to hold an advance screening of the "Fighting with My Family" film based on the lives of Paige and her family over Wrestlemania 34 weekend in New Orleans.

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