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By Vanessa Jordan on 2018-01-15 06:44:00


Taya pinned Alisha.

Impact Wrestling:

*Sami Callihan defeated Fallah Bah.

*Petey Williams defeated Suicide & Raju Rahit and Taiji Ishimori.  Williams announced he would be cashing in his briefcase and challenging X-Division champion Matt Sydal at the 4/22 Redemption PPV.

*Su Yung defeated Amber Nova.

*Brian Cage defeated Bobby Lashley.

*Trevor Lee pinned Fallah Bah.

*Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Allie defeated Su Yung by DQ.

*Johnny Impact defeated Taiji Ishimori.  Kongo Kong with Jimmy Jacobs teased attacking Impact, teasing a future match.

*Lashley came out and challenged Cage, saying his last loss to him was a fluke.  Cage beat him again.  Lashley bowed to the crowd before he left, so that's it for him.

*There was a segment where KM was ripping on Richard Justice for being fat and laid him out.  Fallah Bah tried to make the save but was laid out.  Tyrus finally did.

Impact Wrestling champion Aries defeated Impact Grand champion Matt Sydal to win Grand championship in a title vs. title bout.

Global Wrestling Network exclusives:

Impact Wrestling Tag Team champions LAX defeated KM & Braxton Sutter.

Alberto el Patron defeated Hijo del Fantasma.

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