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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-17 10:00:00

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Just watched the Corey Graves interview with Enzo. Is Enzo one of the best “heels” in the business right now, or just a real life douche bag? Can’t help but hate that guy...but in a fast forward kind of way.

I have heard from many people in the company that Enzo is very abrasive and gets on people’s nerves.  You see a lot of that come out in his character, largely because it’s pretty much the way he is in real life.

If WWE is able to get 1 or 2 members of the GLOW cast to appear as surprise entrants in the women's Royal Rumble, it would be a no-brainer for the former Awesome Kong/Kharma to be one of those entrants.  If so, do you think we will see the return of the Kong/Kharma character? A Kong-Nia Jax staredown in the ring would be an incredible moment.  Or do you think, given the mainstream success of GLOW, she should appear as her Welfare Queen character from the show? 

I think that if she were to appear, she may as well do it in her GLOW character.  The Kharma character has very limited goodwill in WWE.

Why was Patrick Clark, aka Velveteen Dream, who was clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, eliminated from Tough Enough? 

As I remember it, it was something about him not being humble enough for the judges’ liking.  I will be honest, I stopped watching the show by then since it wasn’t entertaining to me anymore.

After watching RAW last night, I had a scenario I think WWE could use to make a great storyline. What if Jason Jordan's run with the Shield leads to them kicking him to the curb, and "daddy" Kurt comes to his rescue. This could lead to a February PPV match with Kurt and Jason teaming up against two Shield members (preferably Rollins and Ambrose since Reigns will be in a match leading to his main event at WM). During the match, Jason could turn on Kurt, which sets up a WM match of father vs. son. With both Kurt and Jason being stand-out wrestlers, it would surely be a great WM moment, it gives Kurt one more day in the spotlight, and it cements Jason as a bonafide heel. Thoughts?

Ambrose probably won’t be ready for that match.  If they decide to go heel with Jordan though, Kurt should be a part of the turn, for sure.  With that said, I wouldn’t rush it.  I like what they are doing with Jordan right now and I think they need to let the story build so that he has a reason to turn than to just pull a Russo and do a turn just to swerve people.

This is kind of a sensitive subject but all personal things aside, I just purchased the "Hard Knocks" documentary DVD giving a retrospective look at the career of Chris Benoit. Watching this documentary, I noticed there was a huge part of the DVD on his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling as "Pegasus Kid" and "Wild Pegasus and interestingly enough, there was NJPW-produced footage in this WWE DVD. I could even watch his NJPW matches in their entirety including Benoit's match against Jushin Liger for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Title and his bout against the Great Sasuke in the finals of the 1994 Super J Cup. How was WWE able to get their hands on the NJPW footage and why was it only for this DVD and not for other documentaries for those that had a run in NJPW?

They paid for the rights to air that particular footage.

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