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By Paul Jordan on 2018-01-14 08:14:00

The latest additions to the Highspots Wrestling Network:

PWX: Skyler VS Hollis

Relive this bitter feud that spanned 2017. John Skyler and Corey Hollis were once best of friends known as "The BruiserWeights" but the good times don't last forever and these two quickly became bitter enemies, leading up to an unsanctioned street fight to close 2017. What does 2018 hold for Styler VS Hollis in PWX?

Over 3 hours of matches, promos, and backstage footage from PWX Wrestling!

Joey & Candice Highspots Special

When Highspots approached Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae about filming a special they were consummate professionals. With hours of pre-planning, story boarding, writers meeting and brainstorming sessions… Ok maybe not. But we did catch up with them Wrestlecade weekend and documented all the shenanigans the World's Cutest Tag Team got into.

You never know who these two are going to run into as they gallivant about a wrestling convention. Plus we pull the curtain back a little and bring you some behind the scenes hijinx from an Indy wrestling show. Don't miss this well thought out, well put together special brought to you by Joey & Candice and Highspots.

PCW Halloween Horror 2017

TAG-TEAM ACTION: Royally Dangerous (Sammy Falcon & Anthony Dangerfield) vs. Syd Parker & WAIK

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: PCW National Champion Stevie Filip vs. The Cremator Brad Richards

GRUDGE MATCH: The Relentless Mark Kage vs. Lucas Daniels

PCW DUAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Cass Stone vs. Nate Cross

HALLOWEEN HORROR ROYAL RUMBLE: Winner earns a future shot at the PCW National Championship

War Wrestling presents Art of WAR

The road to WAR 15 is at the end of tracks and it's hotter than ever.

Friends become foes and foes become friends.

Jake Something gets his shot after returning from Impact Wrestling to take on the King of WAR Kyron.

Darkstar Matt Taylor faces the gauntlet to try and become the new number 1 contender

True Grit Bruce Grey faces longtime friend The Elite Athelte Jon Murray

The Village takes on Dance Dance Revolution

WAR Women's Championship: Thunder Kitty (c) takes on the returning Hardcore Heather Owens

WAR Respect Championship: Kyle Kraven gets a shot against the Voodoo King Mojo McQueen (c)

The Classics vs Super Tough Dudes

Unchained Brandon Day vs. Jay Maynard

WAR Tag Team Championships: The Dirty vs. Super Future vs. The Death Threat Army (c)

WAR Wrestling Championship: The King of WAR Kyron (c) w/ Ripper Blackhart vs. Jake Something

CCW Riot Presents The Nutcracker

CCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Pastor William Eaver (c) v 2017 Celtic Rumble Winner ''The Phoenix'' Jody Fleisch

CCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Establishment (c) v The Armstrong's

El Ligero v Ricky Combat

CCW Women's Championship Match: Raven Creed (c) v Debbie Keitel

3 Way Dance for immediate All Star shot: Vic Viper v Billy Bedlam v Burns (Winner faces champion Danny ''The Beast'' Butler)

3 Way Tag Team Match: Roughstuff v A Kid & Adam Chase v Flight Mode

Irish Wrestling's Hottest free agent "Justy" will be in action

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