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By Andrew Twiss on 2018-01-13 23:25:00

GWN App match: Hijo Del Fantasma def. Braxton Sutter (Two kids from a local Boys and Girls club were the guest ring announcer and bell ringer for this match)

- Eddie Edwards def. Sami Callihan

Post match: Calliahan jumps Edwards and starts beating him down. Callihan opens up a chair and sits it on top of Edwards. Callihan takes a baseball bat and swings it on top of the chair, but it takes an unfortunate carom and ends up hitting Edwards around the forehead. Edwards immediately gets up, holding his face, and walks to the back.

- Feast or Fired Match: Petey Williams, Moose, EC3, and Eli Drake win the cases. 

- Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie fight to a double count out 

Post match: Rosemary and Taya brawl outside until Taya finally lays Rosemary out.

- Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong come out with Jacobs calling for Abyss. Father James Mitchell comes out instead and goes over his history with Abyss. Mitchell says that everything he did to make Abyss such a monster finally caused him to crack and led to the split personality that is Joseph Park. Mitchell thanks Jacobs and Kong because he finally has the means to get Abyss back. Abyss charges out and runs Kong off.

- Matt Sydal cuts a promo introducing his spirit guide, Josh Mathews. Josh goes on for a bit and ends up giving a mask to Matt, with the mask representing Matt's spirit animal.

Matt Sydal thanks Josh by giving him the Grand Championship

- Tyrus def. EC3

- Knockouts Championship: Allie def. Sienna to retain 

Post match: Braxton Sutter tries to propose to Allie again and mend fences, but it's a setup. Allie is attacked by the debuting Su Yung

- Alberto El Patron says we have a real champion in Austin Aries. Austin Aries comes out and offers a championship match at Redemption on April 22nd. They each go back and forth talking about respect. Alberto says, as a sign of respect, he'll leave and they will play Aries music. Due to a production error, they played Alberto's music instead.

- Caleb Konley (w/Trevor Lee's) def. Fallah Bahh

-X Division Championship: Matt Sydal (c) def. Rohit Raju

- Austin Aries has Alberto El Patron come out to sign a contract for their match. He and Alberto sign the contract. Alberto says he wants Aires to stand in the ring while Aries' music plays. Alberto leaves. Aries says that while he is champion and it should play last. He asks them to cue up Alberto's music. Aries says this will be the last time Alberto's music will play last. Considering both of them were in the same outfits and didn't break much new ground with their promo, I imagine this was a reshoot and will be spliced in with the original promo.

-Feast or Fired Reveal:

 Moose: World Championship matcj

 Eli Drake: Tag Title Match

 Petey Williams: X Division match

 EC3: Fired

 EC3 cuts a promo talking about how this is a mistake. They can't get rid of a two time world champion and someone who has carried the company on his perfectly symmetrical shoulders. EC3 goes to leave, but takes the briefcase and attacks Jeremy Borash. Brian Cage comes out and lays EC3 out.

- Monsters Ball: Kongo Kong def. Abyss

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