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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-13 20:31:00

*The Impact Wrestling PPV will be 4/22, but will not be titled Lockdown.  The show will instead be titled "Redemption" and will be headlined by Alberto el Patron challenging Austin Aries for the Impact championship.

*During tonight's taping Josh Mathews became Matt Sydal's new "spiritual advisor" in a segment that featured Mathews being gifted the Grand championship, which may be recorded as an official title change.

*Su Yung debuted for Impact tonight, aligned with Braxton Sutter to feud with Allie.

*Jim Mitchell did work the taping to set the stage for Joseph Park's return to Abyss.

During the taping, Impact featured the latest Feast or Fired match with the following results:

*Moose captured a future Impact Wrestling championship match.

*Petey Williams captured a future Impact Wrestling Division championship match.

*Eli Drake captured a future Impact Wrestling Tag Team championship match.

*EC3 was revealed to have captured the "Fired Briefcase and is gone from Impact.

Thanks to Andrew Twiss.

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