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By Paul Jordan on 2018-01-13 12:01:00 has an article looking at what they want to see in 2018.

They also have an interview with Michael Kingston about his story with AJ Styles in the new WWE Royal Rumble special comic.

WWE Shop has a new Roman Reigns "It's My Yard" T-shirt.

USA Today For the Win has articles with Triple H commenting on Monday Night Raw. Hunter talks about how Raw changed wrestling forever and the importance of Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler in the show's success.

Mickie James posted the following on Instagram :


A post shared by Mickie James (@themickiejames) on

Thank you so much David Allan Coe for including me on your next project... and for this amazing thank you Gift! I’m a lucky gal!! Can’t wait to hear the finished album!! #legend #honored #music #youneverevencallmebymyname #musiclife #Studio #recording #nashville

The New York Post has an interview with Triple H how Raw became the juggernaut that it is.

BBC has an interview with Stephanie McMahon from the Consumer Electronic Show discussing WWE's new VR experiences, the changing role of women in today's product  and their first ever Royal Rumble.


Iconic Duo lobby for NXT Year-End Award votes from the WWE PC coaches:

Maria Kanellis reveals the gender of her baby: Maria's Pregnancy Vlog:

Celtic Warrior Workouts: Ep.008 500 Reps with Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre.:

Raw's Attitude Era intro with current Superstars: Raw 25 Mashup:

Finn Bálor & Sasha Banks to battle for Special Olympics in Mixed Match Challenge:

Goldust & Alicia Fox to fight for Hire Heroes USA in Mixed Match Challenge:

Shinsuke Nakamura & Natalya to compete for Make-A-Wish in Mixed Match Challenge:

Jimmy Uso & Naomi are proud to represent Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Mixed Match Challenge:


The Total Divas compare themselves to Sex and the City characters: Total Divas Bonus, Jan. 12, 2018:

Raw's Attitude Era intro with current Superstars: Raw 25 Mashup:

Darren BonJovi sent this item.

I have updated the latest statistics.

Royal Rumble W/L Records, Facts, & Stats:  HERE

2017 Complete W/L Records, Facts, & Stats: HERE

Raw (1993-1997) W/L Records, Facts, & Stats: HERE

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