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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-15 10:00:00

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One of my favorite things on Smackdown is Rusev Day.  Do you think it will lead to a bigger push for Rusev?

I hope so.  I never really understood why they didn’t get behind him more.  He’s huge.  He’s intimidating.  And he can work.  Plus, he has a beautiful wife.  I hope his recent work has shown WWE management how much more he has to offer them.

With WWE using a different 3-man announce team for every show, the teams often seem to have an odd-man out.  I get the sense that guys like Byron Saxton and Percy Watson get lost in the shuffle and end up adding little substance to the broadcast, since they are not the main play by play or colour guys.  If you have a very good play-by-play and colour team, such as Cole/Graves or Ranallo/McGuiness, what does the 3rd man at the announce table add to the broadcast, other than to banter with the other announcers?

I am with you, three men can be a crowd and often are.  On Raw it works because Michael Cole and Corey Graves feed Booker T and he always delivers.  He makes sure to get his stuff in.  But for younger guys, it can be harder.  If you don’t step up and take it, you get left on the outside looking in.  I am fan of two man booths myself.

I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before but I just watched the clip from early TNA when Roddy Piper told Vince Russo that he killed Owen Hart and Russo came out. Was this a shoot? I am in shock.

It was a worked shoot, Russo has always loved them.  In fact, he loved them too much.

One name that seems to be conspicuous by its absence on the role call of legend guest appearances at the RAW 25th Anniversary show is Mick Foley. Is he in the WWE bad books again or has his invitation simply got lost in the post?

As I type this on Friday, Foley has not been announced.  I don’t know if there has been contact or not.  Obviously Foley should be there.  He has been a huge part of Raw over the years.

I remember reading in Bill Apter’s book that he was the person who got Andy Kaufman in touch with both Vince Sr & Jerry Jarrett to do his women’s wrestling gimmick. Had Vince Sr approved the idea who do you think Andy’s male antagonist would have been in the WWWF? Do you think it would of worked just as well?

That is hard to say.  Andy and Jerry Lawler were perfect in their roles.  And a big reason why it worked was because Lawler was THE guy in Tennessee.  I have a hard time seeing Bob Backlund being put in the role to begin with by Vince Sr.  But if he was I don’t see Backlund being as good in it as Lawler was.  

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