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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-13 10:00:00

Is today Rusev Day?


I used to enjoy watching the WWE Network-only specials that were produced like WWE Roadblock from Toronto, WWE Event in Japan and the WWE Event at MSG.  It has been awhile since a new show was produced.  Is there any plans for the WWE to produce more of these specials?

At some point, they will likely produce additional specials such as the ones you've mentioned, but the company has cut back on a number of productions for the Network over the last year, including live content.

I been watching old WCW shows on the Network and had a question during Goldberg's Championship run. Yes, WCW did lose an opportunity to make money off a Goldberg/Hogan match when it happened at Nitro. My question is: Why didn't Hogan get a rematch or even make the Starrcade Main Event that year Goldberg vs Hogan? Did Hogan have heat with Goldberg? It seems odd that Nash defeated Goldberg to only drop the title to Hogan with the "Finger poke of Doom" incident. Goldberg vs Hogan at Starrcade would have made money. 

Goldberg vs. Hogan would have made money, but there was a lot of attention on banging out the biggest ratings the company could get as they had begun to lose the Monday Night War to the WWF after a long period of being far ahead.  That led to the company hotshotting some angles and trying to regain fan attention, at the expense of potential PPV draws and even at the expense of good storytelling.

I recall hearing back in the 80s when Bobby Heenan was doing commentary with Gorilla Monsoon that when a wrestler holds a title, they get more money. I get that it is all kayfabe, but it has led me to wonder if there is a monetary value for someone being a champion. I also want to know if any wrestler, when signing a contract with WWE or any other organization, was guaranteed a certain number of title runs in their contract.

No.  While wrestlers certainly want to be champion (especially ones who grew up as fans), in most circumstances, it is more about having the top position in the company and the type of money that comes with that position more than with holding a title belt itself.

Love the site, keep on killing it! One of my favorite shows that WWE has ever produced is the Legends of Wrestling show that was originally on WWE 24/7 On-Demand. I'd love for them to bring it back and use a mix of original regulars in the show and new legends as well. Just wondering if you liked the show, ever see it possibly returning and who you'd like to see on the panel.

I absolutely loved the show.  There's been no sign that WWE has interest in bringing it back, but I really think they should.

I believe that the payoff to the Tommy Dreamer blinding The Sandman was at an ECW November to Remember, pre PPV.  Why is that the one November to Remember that’s not on the network?  I have always wanted to see this angle but can’t find it.  Also, if the ECW TV episodes leading up too it are on the Network, could you let me know which dates to watch? 

That year's November to Remember was never released as a complete event on home video.  They didn't start putting the event out on VHS until 1995 and then the show evolved into a PPV in 1997. The majority of the 1994 edition of the event can be found on the ECW TV episodes that ran after November 4th, 1994, which was the date of that November to Remember.


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