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By Vanessa Jordan on 2018-01-10 21:18:00

Dark Match or Xplosion:

Caleb Konley pinned Rohit Raju.

Impact Wrestling

*Impact Grand champion Matt Sydal defeated Fallah Bahh.  No rounds.  No Judges.

*Bobby Lashley pinned KM.

*Keira Hogan pinned Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Laurel Van Ness in a non-title match.

*OVE and LAX cut promos back and forth saying they have respect for each other.  Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley attack LAX.

*Johnny Impact & Moose defeated EC3 & Alberto El Patron.

*Impact Wrestling champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis were in the ring cutting a promo where Drake said no man alive could take him.  Out came Austin Aries in street clothes eating a banana.  They ended up having a match and Aries pinned Drake to win the Impact Wrestling championship.

*Matt Sydal & Taiji Ishimori defeated Hijo del Fantasma & Rohit Raju

*Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley defeated TC Reid & Mike Monroe.  LAX cut a promo on the Titantron promising to destroy them.

*Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Laurel Van Ness pinned Keira Hogan.

*Hania the Huntress pinned Amber Nova.

*Johnny Impact defeated Alberto el Patron, Moose and EC3.


*OVE defeated TC Reid & Mike Monroe

*Rosemary pinned Amber Nova.

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