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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-12 10:00:00

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If the WWE Network skips a show (say Mid-South) and never adds it to the chronological listing, does that mean they don't have the show?

Pretty much.  Some of the libraries they've purchased were not 100% complete as the standard in the era was to utilize the same tapes over and over.  While WWWF maintained an archive, most TV promotions did not, since there was no way to monetize the tapes.  There were no VCRs, much less the idea of streaming technology coming up on the landscape.  So, some of the content has been lost forever.  When WWE can, they do their best to fill the gaps, including reaching out to private collectors.

If there was one event you wish you could have attended, what would it be?

I would have loved to have attended the old World Class Parade of Champions and the Crockett Cup tournaments, but to me, if I had to pick one show I really loved on PPV that I wish I had attended live, it would be the 1989 Great American Bash.

I have never been a fan of Sami Zayn. He has yet to do anything that impresses me. Nevertheless, I know a lot of folks enjoy him. But despite all that, what I was wondering about is why they are making his character be so goofy lately? Is it leading somewhere, or is this just a new aspect of his character? And how long do you think it will be until Kevin Owens turns on him?

It's all WWE's creative direction.  I am not much of a fan of it, but it's what WWE wants out of him right now, so that's what he's going to give them.  They obviously are happy with what they are getting, given he's being used as one of the top talents on the Smackdown brand.

Where is Sheamus from?  Legitmately, because that fake accent is terrible!

Ireland, legitimately.  So, it's not terrible or fake.

Is Chad Gable related to Dan Gable?  Any chance they use Dan to make Chad seem more legitimate?

There is no blood relation.  While they could certainly as Dan to make an appearance, Chad is a legitimate Olympic athlete, which is about as legitimate as one can get.

How come the movie I, Tonya showed her as a boxer, but never showed her in pro wrestling.  I remember she made an appearance with Art Barr back in the day somewhere - wasn't she in the business?

Tonya Harding made an appearance at an independent event in the Portland area as a way to try and play off her infamy in the wake of the Nancy Kerrigan attack.  She managed Art Barr and if I remember, didn't even work ringside but instead sat on a chair on the rampway leading to the ring.  It was a one and done and nothing that was a major part of her life, so there was no real reason to try and include it in the film.

Here's a clip from the press conference leading to the show:

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