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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-10 10:00:00

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Why WWE always ruin their Legends against new talent like Undertaker losses on Grandest Stage of them?

As talents get older WWE can do one of two things with them.  They can have them fight other legends, or wrestle the younger full time guys.  When they do the latter, it usually makes sense to have the legend lose and extend their goodwill with the fan base to the younger talent.

Tonight, they announced that 30 women will be in the Royal Rumble. From the Roster page, there are only 22 Women on both rosters. If you subtract the two current champions, both Bellas since they have been MIA for a year, and 2 women on maternity leave, that leaves you with 16 women. While they will obviously fill the other 14 spots with current NXT & returning Alumni Superstars, is that relying too much on outside talent? To me, 20 would be a more ideal number. Your thoughts?

I guess it depends on how you define “ideal”.  From the perspective you mentioned, yes that would make sense.  But from the “we are the same as the men” point of view, they need to conduct it under the same rules.  I like that they are going with 30 and with legends and NXT women available, I think that they can book a good match.

I have wondered where Jazzy Gabert has been since the Mae Young Classic, and now we know that her WWE offer was rescinded due to existing neck issues.  WWE usually covers the cost of surgeries to wrestlers under contract to them, but since she technically does not have a contract anymore, is Jazzy now fully responsible for the cost of her surgery and rehab?  Will WWE take another look at signing her once she is healthy?

Technically, she would be responsible for her medical issues since she wasn’t under contract to them.  With that said, WWE often helps people in that position.  They haven’t commented on the situation but my guess is that if she gets back to 100 percent, they will give her another shot since they were interested in her to begin with.

How do the performers plan their matches for RAW and SD if they're doing live events all week? 

They meet with producers the day of the show and go over what their matches will be that night.  They are so well trained that it’s a piece of cake for them to do it.

Do you see Dolph Ziggler coming back to win back the US Title that he never lost?

If he doesn’t, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to come back and never mention it.  But then again, stranger things have happened in WWE.  I just hope that they have a reason for doing what they did with him.

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