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By Dave Scherer on 2018-01-09 10:00:00

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Who do you think is going to win the Women’s Rumble and why?

If it’s me and I am booking it, I have Asuka win.  She has already beaten Alexa Bliss and it makes sense to have those two face off at WrestleMania.  Also, it would continue the rise of Asuka in the company, which I think is a good thing to do.

Where has Velveteen Dream been since his fantastic match with Aleister Black?  He gained a lot of fans and momentum because of the quality of that match along with the buildup towards it, and unless he sustained an injury, I don't see the sense in not capitalizing on the momentum by intentionally holding him off TV for so long.
NXT does things differently than the main roster.  Fear not, Dream is around and will be used prominently.

Do you believe Stone Cold Steve Austin will at least be invited to, if not appear at the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw?

I would sure think he would be.  WWE usually extends those kinds of invitations.  It’s not like they would say no to an Austin appearance if it came at a reasonable rate.

NOTE: Since I typed this over the weekend, Austin has been announced as appearing at the event.

What do you think will happen at the women's RR when Absolution is in the ring with The Riott Squad?

There are some that think Paige is behind both groups.  If she is, we should find out then.  If not, they should fight each other.

You guys get a lot of questions about WWE going back to an edgier product like the Attitude Era.  Many fans prefer that era (myself included) to the current product.  The easy answer as to why they mostly do a PG product is always sponsors and the fact they market to kids.  My thing is why couldn't they find middle ground?  They could produce a more appealing product for adults simply by having better writing and logical storylines.  Allow the use of certain words like ass which is in a lot of prime time TV so performer's don't sound silly when cutting promos.  Thoughts?

Sure they could, absolutely.  But, the boss, Vince McMahon, is presenting the product that he wants the fans to see.  I have said for years that they could do just what you said.  By doing so, you make Dad more inclined to want to take Little Jimmy to a show.  There is no reason that they couldn’t make subtle changes that would still draw in kids while also appealing to adults.

Why WWE is destroying Kane's image against Braun Strowman, as WWE Universe already know Kane is a ruthless monster and was always be. We don’t want Kane to back up and plead in fear of another so-called monster. 

It’s a young man’s business and Kane is doing what an older talent should do, passing the proverbial torch to a younger guy.  Glenn Jacobs is 50 years old and running for mayor in his hometown.  He is nearing the end of the road.  So, WWE is using the goodwill his character has to elevate Strowman.  That is what they are supposed to do.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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