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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-08 08:56:00

World Wrestling Entertainment continues its path to the Royal Rumble with a live Raw broadcast tonight from Memphis, TN, which pretty much should guarantee a Jerry Lawler appearance.   Announced for the show, finally, really is WWE Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore vs. Cedric Alexander.    The Miz returns to storylines following time off to film the latest Marine movie.  WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar will be appearing tonight as well.  If anyone is attending, we are seeking live reports, notes and photos.

Paige is in Memphis.  No word yet on whether she has been cleared to return to action.

Following Raw on the WWE Network will be a new "Straight from the Source" interview with Corey Graves talking to Enzo Amore.

Smackdown has a live event tonight in Montgomery, Alabama at the Garrett Coliseum.  No matches advertised but the events over the weekend were headlined by AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn.   We are seeking live reports.

WWE will broadcast Smackdown and 205 Live tomorrow from Birmingham, Alabama.

This week's WWE NXT will feature NXT Tag Team champions The Undisputed Era vs. Sanity, Shaynza Baszler's debut for NXT and more.   This will be the first episode set at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA.

Wednesday's Total Divas will continue its two part Summerslam episode featuring the following plot: "Nia faces her fears and braves a date with a NYC firefighter; Lana's criticism of Nattie's skills on the mic gets in Nattie's head before her big SummerSlam match, forcing Nattie to do something drastic."

There was a lot of talk over the last week internally about what past talents to bring in for the 25th Anniversary of Raw.

The current plan is for Wrestlemania 35 to be in the Northeast we are told.  Wrestlemania 34 was originally set to return to Metlife Stadium in New Jersey but New Orleans blew WWE away with a presentation to lure them back to the Big Easy.  So, anything can happen until something is officially announced, but right now, they are targeting the Northeast.

Apollo Crews replaced Enzo Amore in the Mixed Match Challenge, which debuts next week on Facebook Watch, as Amore was unavailable for pre-tapes and promotional material shot at TV last week due to the flu.

Enzo Amore was interviewed by the UK Sun with the current rift between WWE and Neville (who is one of Amore's closest friends), noting that Neville had one of the hardest schedules in the company in that he was working all the live events every weekend and then going on to work TV on Mondays and Tuesday, where he was a big part of the 205 Live brand.  That aspect of the story was something that has never been brought up publicly.  To read the comments, click here.

Sky Sport released a documentary on former WWE star Hornswoggle who noted that the day he was released from the company was the worst day of his life and that he was concerned how he was going to provide for his son.  He noted his father put it in perspective for him by reminding him he had a ten year run with WWE, which even Swoggle admitted he thought would only last six or so months.  You can watch the video on Swoggle, who remains extremely busy on the independent scene by clicking here.

Author Lavie Margolon has released a book titled TrumpMania: Vince McMahon, WWE and the making of America's 45th President.   Promotional material for the book noted, "The bluster and bravado that Trump witnessed at several WrestleManias, whether from a front row seat or inside the ring, surely lent a hand to his memorable electoral debate oratories. TrumpMania is the story, on screen and off, of the mutually beneficial business and personal relationship between Donald Trump, Vince & Linda McMahon and the WWF/WWE. No matter what side of the political aisle you sit on, it would be hard to deny that Vince McMahon had some hand in the election of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump."  You can order the book by clicking here.

Thanks to Paul Jordan for his help with the following:

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" have now officially surpassed $500 million globally at the box office.

Heath Slater is the latest WWE star to endorse Kane in his run for Mayor of Knox County, TN.

The latest episode of "Canvas to Canvas" from artist Rob Schamberger focuses on Absolution:

WWE released their excellent profile piece on WWE NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon from last week's NXT "Best of 2017" episode online:


WWE released the following "Unboxing" video with Zack Ryder showcasing the Mattel WWE Monsters action figure line, which you can orders from our friends at


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