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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-05 10:00:00

I know this is going to be a silly, random one, but where did WWF film the old "Land of A Thousand Dances" music video?

They used the permanent stage in the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.

I was just reading the Q&A column about the Broken/Woken Matt Hardy and something caught my eye.It was aked if Reby Hardy was going to wrestle for WWE.The answer was basically she was approached,but couldn't talk with them as she wss under contract elswhere.   What i'd like to know is how were Gallows and Anderson able to talk/sign with WWE while they were still under contract? I do in fact remember in the Q&A column when there were rumors of them signing with WWE that it was said because of tjeir New Japan contracts they were legally not allowed to talk with WWE.  What gives?

One, Gallows was never under contract to New Japan.  Two, they didn't sign when they were under contract.  They had deals that were expiring that same week and they were able to give New Japan notice they were leaving.   They signed after.  Plus in pro wrestling (and in life) if a third party reaches out to you on behalf of a company, you technically "never spoke" to that company.  In the case of Sky, it was a WWE official who directly wanted to hire her.

I'm officially announcing my entry into the Royal Rumble. Seems like anyone can do it at their leisure. Why not me? And why would a WWE wrestler not want to participate?

Perhaps they are complacent?  Good luck making it to the ring.

Do you see the former Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) returning to the WWE sometime this year?

One would think that's the goal.  I don't see her training to return to the ring just to do independent wrestling.

With the announcement of the Women's Royal Rumble, do you think they should have Renee Young and Lita call that match? If not, who should?

I would be fine with Renee Young and Beth Phoenix calling the match, actually, but my guess is that they will have the same announce team as the Men's Rumble.

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