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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-04 10:00:00

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Why is WWE referring to Matt Hardy as WOKEN and not BROKEN?

The quick answer is that until Matt Hardy's trademark on the character comes through (which should be within the next few months, if not sooner), WWE isn't going to use the Broken name, because they don't own it and using it could allow someone (Impact) to attempt a legal action against them.  I don't think what word is used, since the character is the same.  It will get over based on whether WWE allows Hardy to have the same freedom and originality he showed in Impact.

Does this new character mean Jeff Hardy will be WOKEN, er BROKEN, er whatever when he returns?

Not necessarily and not immediately.  WWE may feel there is more mileage in the classic Jeff Hardy persona.  If and when they go with Jeff as "Brother Nero", one would think that WWE is going to choose to tell their own story to evolve his character into that direction, not just have it happen.  You have to remember the majority of their audience isn't watching anything beyond WWE.

You wrote a few days ago that Matt Hardy was staying in character when he entered and left the arenas in front of fans.  Don't most WWE stars do that?

 Not really.  Most acknowledge the fans and go on their way to the next town or the hotel.  Some may stop and sign autographs or do photos but the majority of them aren't trying to keep their on screen characters up.  Hardy chooses to do that because it keeps up appearances and keeps the Broken persona going 24/7.  Doing so only engages the fans, so it's a smart idea.

When do Senor Benjamin, Reby Hardy and the kids show up regularly?

I don't expect we'll ever see the kids on a regular basis.  With Impact, with the lion's share of events taped across a week at a time, it was easy to have Maxel there as it was one hotel and going back and forth to the taping.  If WWE ever wanted to use the other members of the Broken Universe, while they could, I don't think that they'd want or have the kids traveling all around the country.  That, too me, sounds like too much for the family.  I expect at some point Hardy and Benjamin will pop up, especially if they go to the Hardy compound.

Wasn't Reby supposed to sign with WWE years ago and turned it down?

Yes and no.  She was approached about a deal but at the time, was under contract to MTV2 promotion Lucha Libre USA, therefore she was not contractually able to even talk with WWE and had to end discussions.  To say she turned down WWE would be factually incorrect.  She could never speak to them to turn them down, officially.  

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