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By Paul Jordan on 2018-01-01 07:30:00

This week's WWE Network updates:


5:30 PM Eastern will be the live stream debut of "Old-School Raw" from January 16, 2014.

Following Raw will be the premiere of "WWE Photo Shoot" featuring The Miz.   At 11:36 PM Eastern will be "WWE Photo Shoot" with Cesaro.


10 PM Eastern, will be a brand-new edition of "205 Live."


8 PM Eastern will be a special two-hour "Best of 2017" edition of "WWE NXT."


The Flashback Friday marathon theme will be "Debuts and Firsts" -

3 PM Eastern - "Raw" from January 15, 1996 which features Isaac Yankem DDS (a.k.a. Kane) versus The Undertaker in the main event as well as  The Ringmaster a.k.a. Steve Austin versus Matt Hardy.

4 PM Eastern - "Raw" from January 22, 1996 which features Vader attacking Gorilla Monsoon in his WWE TV debut

5 PM Eastern -  " 205 Live" from January 17, 2017 featuring Jack Gallagher versus Ariya Daivari in the first ever "I Forfeit" match.

6 PM Eastern - the live stream debut of "Raw" from January 5, 2015 featuring the first ever Ambulance Match on WWE television between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose.

8:30 PM Eastern - the inaugural "Royal Rumble" special that originally aired on the USA Network back in January 1988.


12 AM Eastern - the live stream debut of "Midsouth Wrestling" from January 30, 1982 which features the following description: "Ed Wiskowski challenges Mr. Olympia for the Mississippi Heavyweight Championship. Junkyard Dog teams up with Mike George for action."

3 PM  - a new edition of "This Week in WWE."


11 AM - the live stream debut of "Raw Reunion" from January 19, 2015 which has the following description: "As Superstars prepare for the Royal Rumble, Legends and Hall of Famers return for a RAW Reunion. Plus, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and more!"

1:30 PM Eastern - the live stream debut of "Smackdown" from January 22, 2015 which has the following description: "The Authority's henchmen look to prevent Daniel Bryan and his allies from entering the 2015 Royal Rumble Match. Plus, Kane, Rusev, and more!"

3 PM - The 2015 Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

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