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By Dave Repicky on 2017-12-31 09:10:00

AIW Rulers of the World, no longer featuring Sid Vicious.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Cleveland, Ohio
No Vacancy

As everybody knows by now, Psycho Sid no showed his appearance. True to form, AIW came through and with some holiday magic ended the year with a bang.

Showed opened with Filthy Tom Lawlor tapping The Captain of the Ship, Louis Lyndon. This was a real good mat based match that saw Lawlor focus on Lyndon’s injured arm. I was looking forward to this match and it delivered. Tom Lawlor is the man. In a relatively short time he’s established himself as one of the best wrestlers here and the crowd loves him. If I were a champion in AIW, I’d be paying close attention to Tom Lawlor in 2018.

Next up was a tag match that saw Shawn Shultz and Mance Warner with long time AIW heat magnet, The Duke defeat Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly by nefarious means.

Newer AIW heat magnets, Dr Daniel C Rockingham and Brian Carson, Dedication Personified; came out to rag on Sid. They then bought out their partner Gregory Iron Vicious. After more great mic work, Team Justice started to arrive. First Dick Justice, then Matt Justice, then #ESID3 Justice!! Need less to say Mount Carmel went nuts.

This was great. Greg Vicious even brought scissors into play. It was so 1993. In the end Team Justice prevailed. Glad #ESID3 was home for the holidays.

An open challenge was issued by tag champs To Infinity and Beyond, Colin Delaney and Cheech. It was answered by an unlikely duo that we immediately dubbed The Long and The Short of It: 7 Foot Savage, PB Smooth and (Horn) Swoggle. The 2 time champs ended up regretting making the challenge as the first time team pulled off the major upset and won the belts..  Swoggle was in town Thursday doing a comedy show. He stayed over to help offset Sid no showing and ended up as tag champ.

First half ended with Dominic Garinni defeating All Ego Ethan Page in a good rematch from last month. Same result  minus pre and post match prayers. There was a “Baby Jesus” chant during the match as a large picture of the Nativity was on one of the walls.

#ESID3 signed a lot of pictures during intermission. “He’s not here, but I was” EC3

An eight man tag match with a lot of good young talent started the second half. No Consequences (AJ Gray, Garrison “Gary The King Baller” King, Tre Lamar and Joshua Bishop) took on The Production (Frankie Flynn, Derek the Director, Colby Redd and Magnum CK). Magnum  is a big guy and his entrance is great. This was AIW BS Crazy. Fighting everywhere. The scoreboard at Mount Carmel went on and off out of nowhere a couple of times. This distraction allowed Eddy Only to interfere and assist the Production to a cheap victory between heel teams. There’s a lot of talent to watch here. Joshua Bishop gets better every show. This year’s Back to the Future Cup is a great showcase of AIW’s next generation.

Intense Champ Joey Janela defended against the Unprofessional Professional, The Zombie Princess Jimmy Jacobs. As you can imagine this match couldn’t stay in the ring and it didn’t. they brawled in the crowd and chairs were involved. In the end, Janela hit some sort of driver on Jacobs after they were fighting on four chairs in the middle of the ring. The chair Jimmy’s head hit was FUBAR. Great match.

Up next was a match I thought might be a slobberknocker, Hot Sauce Tracy Williams vs Eddie Kingston. This was way beyond slobberknocker. Brutal match with lots of offense from both guys. Sick back fists from Eddie who controlled more of the match. In the end Hot Sauce won. Afterwards, both men were down on the mat for awhile. Other wrestlers came in to assist. Kingston gave an amazing speech putting over Tracy Williams as better than him and a leader of the next generation of professional wrestling. Check this out.

Our semi main event was next. It’s a scramble featuring four of the best in the world. Matt Cross, with grandma Cross in the crowd vs Gringo Loco vs Laredo Kid vs Queen of Cleveland, Mrs Wrestling, Mrs Bee’s Knees, Mrs Cat’s Pajamas, Candice LeRae. This was as great as expected. The winner was not, as Candice was the surprise victor. I hope this positions her to face Tenille Dashwood in February. That would be great.

Main event rematch for AIW championship. New champ Nick Gage defends against former champ Tim Donst. Last month’s match was a bloodbath. Donst vowed to get back to wrestling in an effort to regain the title. This was a unique match. They grappled a lot. They went into the crowd and eventually the bleachers, but things never got out of control or close to ultraviolent. It was a wrestling match that Gage won.

Looking forward to Death Rowe, the Raymond Rowe farewell show in January. Happy New Year!!

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