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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-31 10:00:00

Have you any news about Mahabali Shera?

Unfortunately, he seems to have dropped off the radar since departing Impact Wrestling.  I am not even sure if he's still in the United States or if he has returned to India.

I saw several days back that Impact wants to resurrect there relationship with NJPW. If they were to do so, what benefit would New Japan get from it? Years ago they were pretty much on similar plains so it made sense, but in 2017-18 NJPW is clearly leaps & bounds ahead of Impact.

I am stretching here but New Japan would technically benefit by getting their talents exposure in countries where Impact TV airs, in comparison to places where Ring of Honor TV, NJPW's current partner, does not.  Beyond that, I don't know.

 It looks like they are trying to put a wedge between Bryan and Shane on Smackdown, is there anyway remotely possible they could even turn Bryan?  I can't see a way anybody would boo against him, especially if it is a McMahon he is fighting with.  Do you think they are going to turn Shane?  How dumb would that be having both McMahon's playing the same character on both shows?  If they are going where I think they are with this, bringing up the fact the McMahons made Bryan retire, is that storyline a little off limits?

You are talking about a company that decided to turn Steve Austin at the height of his popularity in 2001, so they can always try to turn anyone, even if it would be a foolhardy attempt.  If WWE decides they want someone to be a babyface or a heel, they are going to take things in that direction, even if the fans don't want it - they actually tried this with Bryan years ago by making him a member of the Wyatt family.  I think that if they brought up that the company made Bryan retire, they would actually turn the company heel, not Bryan, but it would all depend on how the story was presented.  I don't think the story would be off limits since they have made it pretty clear on Total Divas that he's been forced to retire and it wasn't his choice.

How did the Hollywood Blondes become a team in storyline?  Was there ever an explanation?

Yes.  Brian Pillman had been teaming with Barry WIndham.  When Barry made the move to pursue the NWA World title, he introduced Pillman to Steve Austin and away they went.

What is the most improved promotion of 2017?

I would go with the National Wrestling Alliance.  They went from being deceased in all but name with no major attention upon them to building up a social media following and having fans interested in Tim Storm and Nick Aldis, while also bringing Austin Idol back to the forefront.  Plus, the videos have been very good from a character standpoint.  They took a promotion that meant nothing and put it in a position where it started to mean something - that's a damn great improvement to me.  Now, can it make money?  Time will tell.


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