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By Steven Fernandes on 2017-12-30 02:08:00

The "UFL" trademark filed by VKM Ventures has been given an initial refusal due to potential conflict with another "UFL" trademark that is in the process of being trademarked. The Urban Fitness League filed for a "UFL" trademark in January 2017 for fitness and weightlifting purposes.  So, until that trademark is finalized, work on VKM Ventures' application could be suspended unless VKM Ventures can provide valid arguments that there will not be any conflicts arising.

The refusal notice also noted that the classification and identification of goods and services need to be amended to provide a clear understanding of why they are applying for the trademark. The notice also mentioned that the company applied for eight different classes, but only provided a processing fee that was sufficient for one class. 

The "United Football League" trademark seems to be moving forward thus far. There is an active "United Football League" trademark registered in 2010 that was filed by, ine would assume, the original United Football League organization, so we don't know if that will come into play or not. 

As far as Alpha Entertainment's "XFL" trademarks, there won't be any movement on thise until around March 16th (if not sooner) due to the 3-month waiting period for new trademark applications. 

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