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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-28 10:00:00

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What's the latest on Rich Swann?

Swann is still suspended by WWE following his arrest after an incident with his wife in Gainesville, Georgia.  The police have filed their report with the local prosecutor, who will then decide whether to bring charges against Swann.  If they do, Swann has already hired a lawyer to defend him (and I am sure that lawyer is already trying to get Swann out of the charges).  In the event he is convicted, WWE will immediately terminate him.  If the charges are dropped or Swann is proven innocent, the suspension will be lifted.  

hey guys first off you guys are doing an excellent job day in and day out at the site i love coming to the site at least 2-3 times a day for my news and columns etc. keep up the great work. Hopefully 2018 will be bigger and better then 2017 for you guys. my question is about wrestlemania 35 since it's almost that time of year where wwe usually announces the location for the next years mania. Have you guys heard about the location for wrestlemania 35 in 2019 and where it's going to be? I heard rumors circulating that it will be at MetLife stadium in New Jersey and wwe will make it official at the 25th anniversary of raw in ny on January 22nd.  Any truth to those rumors at all? I'm from New York so I'm hoping its at MetLife stadium. Thanks guys take care!

The original plan for Wrestlemania 34 was Metlife Stadium before New Orleans swooped in and made a great presentation for the show to instead be held in the Big Easy as part of the city's tricentennial celebration.  One would think that gives the NYC/NJ area the leg up on other markets, but we haven't heard anything specific yet.

Vince McMahon will sooner or later step down we are all thinking...if he does...would that be the time if he is willing to put himself in the hall of fame? Just saying. ..nice speech at the Hall of Fame. ....then the time they take out for the new inductees at Wrestlemania. Your thoughts. Thanks again. 

My gut feeling is that Vince McMahon will never purposely put himself into the WWE Hall of Fame.  What I believe to be most likely to eventually happen is that one day, he will be surprised with an induction or will be inducted long after he is done running the company.  McMahon doesn't like being acknowledged at the Hall of Fame, for whatever reason, so I don't see him ever being a promoted inductee in advance.

Who's the greatest wrestler to never hold a World title?

The two names that stick out to me every time I am asked this question are Roddy Piper and Ted DiBiase.

With all of the news about the XFL trademark, is it a given that it will be football again? Any chance Vince might be creating something like the Xtreme Fight League with those letters instead?

I don't believe so.  Most of the trademark material that has been filed thus far revolves around football.

Where is Neville?

Waiting for his WWE deal to expire, unless he and the company come to terms for his return.  

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