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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-27 10:00:00

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With the Carolina Panthers now for sale, do you think Vince may try to buy them instead of relaunching the XFL?

There are a lot of rumors out there saying that may be his goal with the stock sale.  He may want to buy the Panthers, and he is originally from the area, but he will need a lot more than 100 million dollars.  Forbes has them valued at $2.3 billion so Vince would need a lot more money to make that purchase on his own.  It could be that he wants to be a minority partner.  If so, I don’t understand why he would need to form a new company to do that.  From where I sit, buying into an NFL team is not something that would drive away stockholders.  Starting the XFL again?  Obviously that would be.  My hope is that if it's a decision between buying the Panthers or retstarting the XFL, he does the former.

I think the real reason that Vince McMahon wants to bring back the XFL is that even after 17 years it’s still gnaws at him that he failed at it and his ego took a hit. And being older now do you think that if he fails this time around he could take it harder than the first and could it cause him to realize he may not have it like he once did?

If he brings it back, from afar it would certainly seem like it bothers him that it failed the first time.  I mean, the WBF failed.  WWE NY failed.  He never went back and tried to redo either of those.  And being older could definitely play a role as often when people realize that their time is running 

If Daniel Bryan returns to the ring, given that each bump he takes poses significant risk to his long-term health, do you expect to see a significantly watered-down version of the wrestler he once was?  If he does end up in a match against Shane, would you expect a match in which he takes very few or no bumps, like we saw with Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon for their Wrestlemania match?  I certainly don't want to see him performing any more diving head butts, suicide dives, or any other of his high-risk signature moves.
Therein lies the problem.  Bryan loves to wrestle and perform.  He isn’t the kind of guy to go halfway with his work.  He will want to be the performer that he is.  I think if he comes back and wrestles, it will be as the worker that he was before.  I don’t see a “lite” version happening.

Dolph Ziggler is great in the ring and can have good matches with just about anyone, but was he the wrong guy to match up against Nakamura and Roode in their main roster debut matches?  They came out of the matches looking weak since they had to struggle so much to beat a guy who had been booked so poorly.  Would you have preferred their debut matches to be squash matches where they completely dominate the entire match, or if the goal was for Roode and Nakamura to win in a competitive, even match, would you have put them in against someone higher up in the card than Ziggler?

I definitely think they booked both of those men poorly in their debuts, for the reason you mentioned.  It’s a shame because Dolph is great in the ring but from a booking standpoint he made those guys look pedestrian because they had to work so hard to beat him.  I think WWE mad a bad choice there.

What were your thoughts on Samoa Joe's recent "towel attendant" tweet? Was it overtly sexist, or a heel playing a heel? Is there any room for both?

Here is the tweet for those that missed it:

I think it was a funny heel comment from a heel wrestler, who was playing a part.  To me, anyone looking to go after him for that is being overly sensitive.

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