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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-26 10:00:00

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Do you think Jeff Jarrett could return to WWE, possibly in some sort of backstage capacity? After all, he's 50 now and has been fired from the company he spent the last 15 years building, while GFW is nothing but a name.  As for WWE, they've welcomed back guys like Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart, and the Ultimate Warrior, so it doesn't seem like that big a stretch for them to welcome Double J. Your thoughts? 

Well, those guys left differently than Jarrett did, and they were bigger stars.  Jarrett was the IC Champ when his contract expired.  He had leverage and he used it, reportedly to get all of the future money due to him paid right away in order to drop the Title to Chyna before heading on to WCW.  He had leverage and he used it, which I respect, but he also had to realize that Vince McMahon may object to that.  With that said, I guess it’s possible he could be brought in but it doesn’t seem likely to me since he had such a brief run with the company and has been away from it for so long.  

Any word lately about Neville? Is he simply waiting for his WWE contract to expire??

There was a little movement a month or two ago, but nothing since.  Generally WWE can suspend contracts with talents that are hurt or not working so if that is the case, he could be waiting a long time.  If he wants out he should talk to management about getting a release.

With the women's RR announced, do you think that if it turns out that Paige is behind the Riott Squad, that that would be the best time to expose it? They could do so many things with that I think.

If they are going to go that way, they could absolutely do a storyline where Absolution and Riott Squad work together to try and make sure Paige gets the title shot.  That would be an easy story to tell, for sure.

My question is about a Daniel Bryan heel turn. I don’t see it happening. He is one of the most popular superstars ever and do you really think the audience will boo him. I can’t imagine anything he could do in today’s WWE that would make the WWE universe boo him like a heel. Especially if he does come back for another match or two he is bound to get a huge pop and yes chant to blow the roof of someplace. I think the fans will take much better to a Shane McMahon heel turn. I feel like Shane could draw some massive heel heat in a feud against Daniel Bryan (or any baby face for that matter, given some decent booking). Can Daniel Bryan really be a heel anymore?

It would definitely take the perfect angle/storyline to turn him, no doubt.  But I really think he could do it.  He has gotten really good on the mic and I think he could sell it if they did it correctly.  As I said yesterday, two evil McMahons as Commissioner does nothing for me.  I think Bryan as a heel could be really interesting.

The Rumble is called a match so does losing the Rumble count as a loss? If it counts as a match then wouldn't that make Asuka the winner since they're keep the streak alive?

That is an interesting question.  Personally, I wouldn’t count that as an actual match since everyone isn’t in the ring to start it.  The staggered entrances, to me, make it a match that has a winner, but no losses on a person’s record.

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