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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-25 10:00:00


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Ok here is a stupid question...  It looks like they are trying to put a wedge between Bryan and Shane on Smackdown, is there anyway remotely possible they could even turn Bryan?  I can't see a way anybody would boo against him, especially if it is a McMahon he is fighting with.  Do you think they are going to turn Shane?  How dumb would that be having both McMahon's playing the same character on both shows?  If they are going where I think they are with this, bringing up the fact the McMahons made Bryan retire, is that storyline a little off limits?

I think they could turn him if they did it correctly.  If he aligned with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens and cut venomous promos against the company, rather than “you wouldn’t let me wrestle” promos that would make him sympathetic, it could work.  As for turning Shane, yes I would really not like two evil McMahon commissioners.  One is too many already.

The territory system was massive before Vince McMahon decided to take New York to a global entity. We always hear about Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid-South Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Florida, AWA, & WCCW and the impact they all had on the wrestling business. Which other territories, in your opinion, doesn't get the credit they deserve? Which are overlooked and underappreciated?

The UWF under Bill Watts comes to mind.  That was a company that could have gone national as a wrestling product but the oil recession in their territory hurt their business.  I always loved Memphis Wrestling.  It was a highlight of my week, always fun to watch.  Portland Wrestling was really good too, as were Georgia and Calgary.

Looking at the upcoming 25th Anniversary of RAW it seems a little lacking in relation to stars from the past. Is this a conscious decision from WWE to focus more on the current roster? I cant imagine why such a big anniversary wouldn’t include Austin, Bret and Rock for instance?

There is still a lot of time until the show happens.  I would expect more surprises as it gets closer.

If the original XFL was such a huge failure, why in the world would Vince McMahon try to revive a brand that was largely seen as a joke and failure?  What is the difference in the football landscape between now and then that might make it more successful nowadays?  What will the difference be between the new XFL and the old version?

We don’t know what the difference will be until he announces it, but I agree with you.  The first one lost about $70 million in one season.  The product wasn’t good.  The difference between then and now is that the NFL has been on a bit of a ratings decline.  My hunch is that Vince thinks that means it’s a good time to go after the NFL.  I don’t agree but I am not the one with 100 million dollars to bring the brand back.

How much of Total Divas is scripted?  I watch it and it seems a bit outlandish.  Exotic trips, what seems to be a lot of alcohol consumption, and some blatant stupidity with Lana and Trinity "going into business on their own" by posting pictures and altering the belt without permission.  I can't see any employee of a company doing this.  And not to mention the heat between Nattie and Lana.  I really can't see it not being scripted when it's pretty much presented as reality TV. 

Like most reality shows of that ilk, the bigger question to me is how much ISN’T scripted!  Seriously, it’s a TV show first and foremost.  It’s about storylines and plot lines.  There are elements of truth but they also realize they are producing a TV show.

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