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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-24 10:00:00

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What chance do you give the XFL succeeding if Vince really decides to do it?

To be fair, until I see what his plans are, I can’t say definitively but my initial reaction to the idea is the same as Wall Street investors showed on Friday, and that is that it’s not a good idea.  In addition to no one being able to successfully take on the NFL in the last 50 years, the sport itself is a bit under fire due to the injury issues.  More and more parents are steering their kids away from the game.  I don’t see his idea working.

I noticed a number of financial companies downgraded the WWE stock on the announcement that Vince McMahon sold the shares to fund his sports company.  Do you agree with their assessment?

It really isn’t about agreeing with it, it’s more that I understand it.  Wall Street doesn’t like uncertainty and this move puts WWE as a brand into very uncertain waters.  They wonder if Vince will use WWE to continue to fund the potential league.  They wonder if Vince will stop focusing on WWE for the new league, and that concerns them.  This move puts WWE in a position of flux, which investors don’t like.

I have heard you say that the WWE stock has run up due the market being excited about the TV deal WWE will sign next year.  With the big dip on Friday, is it time to buy?

It could be, for sure.  I would really like to know more about what Vince’s plans are with the XFL and the new company.  If he is going to spend more time focusing the XFL, investors will NOT like that.  No matter what hardcore fans think, to the general masses Vince IS WWE.  So it’s kind of wait and see right now.

What is the status of ITV's World of Sport? There was so much hype that it would be brought back in the UK.  What happened?

They cancelled their tapings in April and nothing has been announced since.  Their twitter account hasn’t posted in over six months.  At this point is seems as if it’s on hiatus, at best.  If/when WWE starts their UK territory my guess is it will stay on hiatus.

I was reading the Daniel Bryan interview with Hot 97, and he brought up a point that if the current active WWE roster were rigorously tested the way he has been, would they be cleared to wrestle. That's interesting because people may suffer from concussions with no immediate or visible signs. Who knows, half the roster may have suffered unknowingly, and they way the WWE has protected Brian, half the roster would be forced to retire if they want to be fair and balanced. It makes sense that they should test the roster (just like they drug test), but would they, pressure from media or not?

They do put people in concussion protocol when they present signs of head trauma.  The key there is that they need to present signs of head trauma before the testing would begin.  They are a different case than Bryan.  He had numerous seizures that he hid from the company.  That created a trust issue in addition to the health issue.  So he has set himself up to be held to a different standard.

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