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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-23 10:00:00

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With all the hype about the whole first ever women's Royal Rumble match which match do you see closing the show? The usual men's rumble or the the first ever women's rumble?

The men's match should close the Rumble, because that is the match that is setting up the bout that will close Wrestlemania 34.  I think the best way to handle the Rumble PPV (this year, at least) is to open with the Women's Rumble, have the WWE championship match in the middle of the show and close with the traditional Rumble.  I'd have no problem with the women closing the Rumble PPV, however.  

I was reading the Daniel Bryan interview with Hot 97, and he brought up a point that if the current active WWE roster were rigorously tested the way he has been, would they be cleared to wrestle. That's interesting because people may suffer from concussions with no immediate or visable signs. Who knows, half the roster may have suffered unknowingly, and they way the WWE has protected Brian, half the roster would be forced to retire if they want to be fair and balanced. It makes sense that they should test the roster (just like they drug test), but would they, pressure from media or not?

The only reason Bryan was ever tested at the level he was, is because he admitted to the company all of his past issues.  WWE has consistently told talents in recent years about the importance of coming clean and approaching the company if there is an issue, both so the company can help them get checked out and so that the talent can know and deal with any health issues, short or long-term.  Do I ever see the company testing the entire roster for potential concussion/pre-CTE issues just to test them?  No, not unless it becomes commonplace in all of professional sports.  It should be noted that the test that led to WWE making the decision to retire Daniel Bryan was one that was a developing technology and one Bryan has publicly distanced himself from believing in over time, so whether that technology should be considered reputable, I couldn't even tell you at this point.  Do I see the company sending others to be testing like Bryan if they believe there is a reason to do so?  Yes.

If Bryan leaves WWE, what do you think his first independent date will be?

I can pretty much guarantee, that if Bryan leaves, his first match will be against Cody Rhodes at the self-financed event Rhodes and The Young Bucks have discussed doing.  That's the perfect main event and setting for a guy who wants to "break out" from WWE and show that he can still go.  Bryan helping draw 10,000 fans (if they can accomplish that feat) would be quite a feather in his cap as well.

If Bryan leaves, do you think WWE will treat him like CM Punk, aka he's dead to us?

No, I think there were mitigating, emotional factors that led to Punk wanting out (plus, he's made it very clear he felt his health was at risk), but with Bryan, it's more that he wants to do something that WWE currently will not let him do.  He's made it very clear he wants out and intends to leave if he isn't allowed to wrestle.  With Punk, whether this is fair or not, the WWE perspective is that Punk left before he "was supposed to" and then attacked everyone publicly.  My guess is that if they don't come to some sort of accord with Daniel Bryan, WWE would write Bryan out of the storylines, he would quietly leave and then if and when he wanted to return to work for the company, they would take him back.  My guess is that if Bryan left to wrestle and eventually returned down the line, WWE wouldn't even acknowledge that he ever returned to the ring.  They never do about Ric Flair.

How is WWE going to handle 205 Live this week since Enzo Amore will be at Madison Square Garden?

We are told the MSG card is scheduled to feature Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto (unless WWE makes the call to pull him from NYC, which as of this writing, has not happened), so 205 Live, which will be broadcast from Chicago at the same time, will just have to feature Enzo in pre-taped backstage segments or just not feature the champion for a week.

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