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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-21 10:00:00

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If JBL was bullying Mauro Ranallo and is gone, why is Mauro just doing NXT now?

Mauro only agreed to come back to work NXT and to work under Triple H.  Despite all the anger thrown at JBL, the situation wasn't about JBL himself.  I honestly believe it was probably more the way Ranallo and the announcers are produced on the main roster (something that led to Mick Foley quitting a job he pretty much could have had forever), which caused the issues, but given that all sides came to an agreement, no one is going to ever go on record for a long time.  Not one person has ever told me that JBL was personally responsible for tormenting Ranallo that they were aware.  Once JBL returned to the company, he was nowhere near the forceful, abrasive personality he used to be.

How did Tom Zenk die?

There's been no official cause of death released as of this writing.

Where did Killian Dane come from?

Ireland, where he wrestled under the name Big Damo.

How many women will be in the Royal Rumble?

As we reported in the Elite section of the site at the time, the initial pitch for the match back in November was for there to be 15 women in the match, but given how strong WWE is pushing the match and how many women, past and present, reacted to the bout being announced, I suspect there will be more competitors than 15.

WWE has announced their Studios are going to be making TV series now.  Are there any deals on the table?

Nothing that has been announced.  As I understand it, they are seeking pitches for potential projects now.  Getting projects off the ground take a long, long time unless a major name is attached.  

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