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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-20 15:23:00

Former TNA Director Michael Vedder has returned to the company and will be replacing Dave Sahadi, who was recently let go by the company, as the lead Director and Producer of television producer.

As noted earlier this week, tomorrow's Impact Wrestling will be a "Best of 2017" episode.   Announced for the first Impact of the year, 1/4/18 is Impact Wrestling champ Eli Drake vs. Alberto el Patron, Impact Wrestling X-Division champion Trevor Lee vs.Taiji Ishimori and James Storm vs. Dan Lambert with the idea that Storm would leave Impact if he loses.  I think we all know how that one will go.

Bill Behrens will be working with Impact going forward on getting contracted talents third party bookings.

There has been continued talk within the company that one of the goals for the new year is to try and rebuild their old relationship with New Japan.

There's been a lot of raves for the forthcoming LAX vs. OVE barbed wire match that will air in a few weeks.

Impact Wrestling will tape from 1/10-1/15 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

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