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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-19 00:29:00

The angle where Dean Ambrose was injured on Raw over the course of his six man tag match with Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan against Samoa Joe and The Bar, as well as the subsequent backstage angle where Ambrose's arm was slammed down in an equipment case was done as a way to cover a legitimate injury for Ambrose. has been told by WWE sources that Ambrose has an elbow issue and that he will be traveling to Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow to have the issue diagnosed and dealt with.  There is no word yet how severe the issue is or how long Ambrose could be out of action.

If Ambrose is out for an extended period, it will cause WWE to have to change their holiday week Raw brand live event plans, many of which have been built around the Bar vs. Ambrose and Rollins inside a steel cage.


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