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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-20 10:00:00

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I saw on the site that Impact Wrestling is doing a Best of 2017 Part 1 and Part 2.  How can they do that when they haven’t had enough good material to fill ONE show?  All kidding aside, what has happened to them?  They started the year with such hope and now it seems they are one step out of the grave?

At this time last year, people were excited about where the brand would go after Dixie Carter sold it.  I agree with you, that excitement has abated.  I think it’s safe to say that what happened was very similar to what happened various times in WCW’s history: A company with no real experience in a very unique business bought a company and had no real idea how to run it, then compounded the problem by putting the wrong people in charge and they made a bad situation worse.  I don’t know that Impact will go under in 2018 but I don’t see any way, outside of a huge cash infusion, for them get out of the rut they now find themselves in.  If they can turn things around, it won’t happen quickly.

Now that there is Women’s Royal Rumble match, could you foresee a scenario where Ronda Rousey ends up being the surprise last entrant, cleans house, and wins the opportunity to face Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania? 

For sure, that would be an outstanding way to have her come in and get a Title shot immediately.  I like the idea.

I never watched Impact, so I don't know much about what Matt Hardy did there, but I am not clear on something. Is "woken" a person or thing? Or is it just a weak play on the word awaken? And what is with this "delete" he keeps going on about?

Ordinarily I would try and explain it but it really is something you should spend some time on YouTube watching.  A written explanation can’t do justice to experiencing it as they presented it.

You mentioned that if they could get Nakamura over in time for Wrestlemania, he would make a fine opponent for AJ Styles.  The question is, after Nakamura has been presented so far since his call up from NXT, how do you get him over by then?  Would winning the Royal Rumble do it?  Or would you go another route to get him over?

I think over the next month or so they could start booking him stronger and stronger on TV and have him in a position where he starts The Rumble.  If they did that, and he went the distance, putting in a great performance, he would be believable against Styles at Mania.  Hell, we are coming off of a PPV where no one in the crowd thought Jinder Mahal would win.  In front of the hardcore fans that come in to WrestleMania, they would be totally into Nakamura vs. Styles.

What is the advantage of paying for NJPW world when I can watch the shows on AXS TV for free?

You get much more content, and everything that is up to date, as opposed one older show a week.  There is a plethora of content on New Japan World, too much to watch for most people.  It’s a great deal.

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