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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-19 10:00:00

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If Vince is planning a XFL reboot why did he start a new company - Alpha Entertainment - instead of just having it be a part of the WWE like last time?

It was a smart business move.  The XFL was a huge failure and if he were to start it again, as a branch of WWE, it would very most probably hurt the stock price.  As I write this on 12/18, the WWE stock is trading at its all time high.  Vince doesn’t want to do anything that would hurt that and announcing that WWE was bankrolling a reincarnation of a failed football league would probably do just that, hurt the stock price.  By making it an entity outside of WWE, it protects the company from potentially being hurt.  I kind of view it as Vince doing with a big chunk of money what his wife Linda did when she ran for US Senate.  They both earned it and should be able to spend it how they see fit.

I have seen some people in the wrestling business say that if Vince McMahon restarted the XFL it would be a huge hit because he is a “great businessman”.  They say that the NFL is ripe for the pickings since ratings are down and fans hate Roger Goodell.  What do you think?

First off, I think some people in the wrestling business live in a bubble.  For many of them, who don’t follow the stock market, Vince is the only entrepreneur that they know so they see him as infallible.  Sure, overall Vince is a great businessman.  As I mentioned above, starting a new company for the XFL is a good idea.  That doesn’t mean bringing the XFL back is a good idea though.  The first incarnation was a major failure.  So was The World Bodybuilding Federation.  And the WWE NY restaurant didn’t stand the test of time.  My point is, not all of Vince’s ideas have worked, and that is the case for most people like him. when you take risks they all don’t pay off.  NFL ratings are down, but that doesn’t mean they are down and out or vulnerable.  I don’t think many people stop watching because of the commissioner in any sport.  I think some may have stopped watching the NFL due to the protests but I think the bigger issue is people are starting to have a problems with the severe injuries befalling the players, and especially concussions.  Vince’s XFL wanted guys to hit harder, not softer, so that means he will have that issue too, even if he does a 180 on not letting guys make a fair catch.  On top of that, the XFL will run into the same issues that every other league that tried to take on the NFL did after the AFL merged with them, they won’t get enough quality players and people don’t want to follow a sport without stars in it.  To me, Vince McMahon taking on the NFL is like Anthem trying to take on WWE with Impact.  I think the deck is stacked against the XFL being a success, if it does come back.

Dolph Ziggler is the US Champion now?  Why?  Did you hate that booking as much as I did?

First let me say that I respect Ziggler as a worker.  He is really good in the ring.  With that said, the character that he is playing is ice cold.  Him getting the Title doesn’t help him at all, it just hurts everyone else involved.  I didn’t like when they had Shinsuke Nakamura struggle against him in his debut.  I didn’t like when they had Bobby Roode do it either.  I certainly don’t think putting the US Title on him is a good idea, quite the opposite.

Looking at where they seem to be going with the Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon storyline, has WWE reached a point where they decided to clear Bryan for a match against Shane?  Or, considering that there are many other ways they can settle their feud without having Bryan step into the ring, should Bryan's fans not get their hopes up?

They haven’t said yet what the long term plan is.  It would certainly seem as if they are building up to a Bryan match but it also wouldn’t shock me to see Daniel turn heel and align himself with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, even though Shane seemed more like the heel at the PPV on Sunday.

Hi and Happy Christmas/New Year, I went to my first WrestleMania this year in Orlando and with a little help and advice from yourself I had the most amazing time of my life. With WrestleMania been in New Orleans in 2018 its a little too expensive for me to go. So I'm hoping to go to SummerSlam instead. I know its a few months away, but could you give me a little bit of info and advice. My question is the Summerslam experience similar to WrestleMania, i.e Apart from the 4 main shows, do WWE put on Axxess or any other events? Do Wrestlecon run events? Are there chances to check out other non WWE promotions? Are there opportunities to meet Wrestling Legends and todays Legends?

WWE usually does do Axxess events around SummerSlam weekend but the WrestleMania experience is much grander.  They have already announced “interactive fan experiences” for the weekend. You will get an NXT show as well, but obviously no Hall Of Fame.  I wouldn’t count on a WrestleCon either as far fewer people come to town for an Arena show as opposed to a stadium show.  

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