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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-18 10:00:00

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I know that PWinsider are actively trying to avoid political discussions, so I will do my best to ensure this question is PURELY wrestling related.  With WWE coming to the support of bullied child Keaton Jones, social media quickly saw allegations of racist rhetoric coming from Jones’s mother.  My question is, what is WWE’s reaction internally.  Are they distancing themselves from the campaign they started? I think WWE had their heart in the right place.  But this has to be scary for their P.R. department to have to backtrack what was meant to be a kind gesture on their part.

I think that common sense would dictate to not condemn the son for the alleged sins of the mother.  WWE wanted to support a boy that was being bullied and that is what they did.  I commend them for it.

During the Attitude era, why was Monday Night Raw called Raw is War for 1 hour and then the Warzone for the second?

The second hour was more “adult” and was when things got crazier so they made it clear that the shows were different.

Do you believe the WWE management (not the fans) are fully behind Roman Reigns as been the biggest star in the company. I ask because in comparison to the top stars, Reigns has had a very stop/start push. The guy has already had 3 or 4 so called coronations. The first against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 was halted that night, his first 2 WWE Championship runs lasted roughly a month and then his big coronation at Wrestlemania 32 was killed off in 2 months. When you compare him other top guys who led their era like Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, John Cena or Batista they all got long dominating title runs, of over 150 days when they pushed to the very top. Even in more recent times AJ Styles and Seth Rollins had long runs in their first tittle run, whereas Reigns is just over 100 days in 3 title runs.  It just seems there is still a lot of doubt (from WWE Management) when it comes to pushing Reigns as the very top guy, your thoughts?

I don’t think that is the case at all.  I think it’s more that WWE heard the booing fans and tried not to give Reigns the Cena push and have them reject him even more than they were.  Plus, there was the suspension that they had to deal with and make sure it was a one time thing.  Vince is definitely behind him.

Would you say it’s fair to say the ball has been dropped, or at least slipped with Seth Rollins since Wrestlemania? One of the all-time greats puts him over clean on the company’s biggest show, and since then he’s been chasing the tag belts and although having good matches, not in the top level fights for the brand. He didn’t even make a 4 way at Summerslam with the brands top competitors for the belt. I just feel that moment of beating the authority at mania should have been the start of him being the main face for the brand this year, but instead he’s been on the peripheral and will no doubt be a spectator at Mania 34 when the superman punch slays the beast.

I think Rollins is kind of similar to Reigns.  He got a great push and then he got hurt (as opposed to suspended in Reigns’ case) so the company needed to see if his knee could hold up when he got back.  Everyone can’t be THE guy and WWE makes the situation worse by putting the Title on Brock Lesnar and then letting it lay dormant.  Hopefully, they rectify that by WrestleMania and put the belt on a guy that is at TV every week. 

Does Alberto Del Rio still have heat with WWE over the way he left, and now that we know him and Paige are no longer together, did their breakup have any impact at all on her return to WWE?

From what I have heard, he doesn’t have any desire to go back there.  He is financially very well off and doesn’t need to do anything in the business that he doesn’t want to do.  Paige always wanted to return to WWE and that was her plan while she was rehabbing her injury.  They have stated that they broke up due to their different schedules, but it didn’t have an impact on her returning to work.

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